‪‪Donald Trump‬ ‪Saturday Night Live‬ ‪Alec Baldwin‬‬ Jennifer Aniston‬ ‪Saturday Night Live‬ ‪Rachel Green‬ ‪Vanessa Bayer‬ ‪Friends‬‬ Classroom Cold Open – SNL – 2017


‪‪Jennifer Aniston‬, ‪Saturday Night Live‬, ‪Rachel Green‬, ‪Vanessa Bayer‬, ‪Friends‬‬

As Donald Trump settles into president-elect status, Saturday Night Live has decided on a multi-pronged oppositional approach to his presidency, generally taking on Trump’s policies and political action in Weekend Update, and leaving Alec Baldwin to mock the personality traits they find wanting in the cold open.

‪‪Donald Trump‬, ‪Saturday Night Live‬, ‪Alec Baldwin‬‬

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