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01895 010985

who called me

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Scotland 100



Download call blocking apps in the Play Store. Android users have a number of tools they can access to get rid of unwanted calls in the form of apps, including:
Call Filter, a very popular call blocking app that is also free.
DroidBlock, another Android app that can get rid of unwanted calls and is also free.
Keep in mind success with call-blocking apps tend to vary and they are not always 100% effective.

Have spam calls sent directly to voicemail. Some Android phones have this option, which can then allow you check your voicemail and identify any spammers or unwanted calls that you want to block.[3] To block the spammer’s number directly:
Add the spam caller’s phone number to your address book.
Press the Menu key and select Options.
Enable the “Incoming calls/Send calls directly to voicemail” option.
Add any additional spam numbers to the phonebook contact entry and they will all be sent straight to voicemail. After several ignored calls, hopefully the spammers will get the message and stop calling.
If you want to block calls based on number and skip the step of adding the spam number to your phone as a contact, you can install a third-party app such as Mr. Number. Mr. Number is a free Android app you can download from the Play Store.

Jailbreak your Apple iPhone to enable the call block tool. Jailbreaking or hacking your iPhone[5] is relatively easy to do, and does not violate any laws, but it does void your Apple warranty.
Once you jailbreak your phone, you can download and install iBlacklist. With iBlacklist, you can select the numbers you want to block or add blocked numbers to the blacklist manually.

How to disable phone calls on Iphone?
On your iPhone, you can use the cellular connection to make and receive calls on devices signed into your iCloud account when they’re nearby and on Wi-Fi. To turn this off, launch your Settings app with a tap, then tap on the Phone button, just under Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes and Reminders.

How to block calls

Android: Select the Phone icon on the home screen, tap More at the top right, and then tap Settings. You’ll find Call blocking or Call rejection listed here and you can manage thenumbers on your Block list or Auto reject list. You can also set up automatic Call-reject messages if you want to.

Iphone: Simply go to your list of recent callers (open the Phone app, then hit the Recents tab at the bottom). Click the ‘i’ symbol next to the unwanted number, scroll down and tap Block this Caller, then confirm your decision. You won’t be bothered with any calls, texts or FaceTime calls from that number.

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