A lady walks in the store and steals $100 – 2017


Q: a lady walks in the store and steals $100

A lady walks into a grocery store and steals $100 dollars out of the register without the owners knowledge.

She then buys $70 in groceries and pays using the $100 bill and gets $30 in return.

How much money did the owner lose?

Answer: Owner lost $100 .

Because the owner got back $100 which was Stolen by the lady,but lost the value of groceries($70) and $30 which he gave back to women.

Did you know that Megan Fox is banned from the Walmart….

Fox is actually banned from the Walmart store in her hometown in Florida. According to one of her close friends, the actress was a rebellious teenager, who liked to shoplift and coming pilferage when it came to gum, candy and make-up. However, her sticky fingers caught up on her when she was caught on surveillance camera in a Walmart store while trying to shoplift a $7 lipgloss. According to the unnamed friend, Fox denied trying to steal anything, but at the thought of getting involved with the police she confessed, which resulted in her only being banned from the store. The funny part is, Fox tried to shoplift the lipgloss as a teenager, but the Walmart ban is still active for the store in question.

Today, How much is Megan Fox’s Net Worth? $5 Million!

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