AIB Demonetization hindi youtube english transcript – 2017


AIB Demonetization hindi youtube english transcript

0:08What decision?
0:09What a decision man!
0:12What a decision…
0:16Yes, sir
0:16Your salary for the next five months
0:29The bankers are lucky
0:30Just sit inside
0:32and change the notes
0:33These politicians are lucky
0:35Just sit inside
0:36and change the rules
0:38These poor people are lucky
0:39Just sit inside
0:41Cause they don’t have any money to exchange
0:43These rich people are lucky
0:44They are rich after all
0:46No sir, no old notes
0:49Not a problem
0:50Just for a couple of days
0:53Just give me three days
0:56You can stand in queues for weddings
0:58You can stand in queues for iPhone
0:59You can stand in queues for Roadies
1:01Please stand in queues
1:05But you can’t do it for the country
1:07And look, mate
1:08If you want to do something good
1:09then you must sacrifice
1:11Who doesn’t sacrifice?
1:12Yeah business will be slow
1:15Yeah, you will have to order from outside for a couple of days
1:17Even the farmers
1:18wont get their seeds and all
1:20One spoon
1:21Yeah you wont get the medicines
1:23And hospitals wont be able to treat patients
1:25Yeah, some people will die
1:28you know…
1:34it’s cool
1:36it happens…
1:37you know
1:37My dog died
1:39They want everything?
1:41No deaths
1:42But there should be facilities!
1:44What can you do?
1:45Things go the way they go
1:46That’s life…
1:47Doesn’t a soldier standing on the border have a life?
1:49Don’t they have a life?
1:50What are you saying? Soldier!
1:58I said soldier
1:59End of argument
2:00Oh, hello
2:01Soldier’s done
2:02Say soldier!
2:04Shut up
2:04Soldier soldier
2:06Bollywood song lyrics
2:12Stand in the queue
2:15Just give me three weeks
2:18You tell me
2:19Didn’t we stand in the queue?
2:21Didn’t we?
2:21I did
2:23and then asked
2:24my servant to do it for me
2:27This 500 note wont work
2:29Cool, if this won’t work
2:31then black money wont work either Cool, if this won’t work
2:31then black money wont work either
2:32Wont work
2:34Just give me 50 days
2:37Say whatever you want
2:39F**ked the rich
2:41black money holders
2:43With both hands
2:44took them
2:45Rich black money holders
2:46and pounded
2:47Black money
2:51Now watch
2:52How the black money comes out of the sacks
2:54How money comes out of the beds
2:56Everyone’s black money will be caught
2:59How will you hide black money?
3:01How will they hide it?
3:07And now watch
3:08These political parties are screwed
3:11Everyone will know where these parties get their fundings from
3:14Tell me one thing
3:15If you just wanted to get rid of black money
3:17why can’t file a RTI on the party fundings?
3:23Give me tea
3:24Don’t think about politics
3:25Have heard that this new note has a chip
3:27so that you can track it
3:29If you put your phone on top of it
3:31and scan
3:32Gandhiji comes and talks to you
3:34If you throw the note at a dancer in a bar
3:36It comes back to you
3:38Cause the note has culture
3:39This new 2000 note
3:40It’s value is just 1200
3:42800 tax already gets deducted for you
3:44What a scientific note
3:46Amazing science
3:48So much science
3:49Not just a little
3:50Shit load of science
3:51What a thought
3:52Amazing thought
3:53The note is small
3:55And the ATM slots are big
3:58We didn’t think that through
4:03Just give me 6 months
4:06Now watch, bribery is over
4:08Fake curreny, over
4:10Sunday over
4:11Pakistan over
4:13Going home is over
4:15Golbal warming is over
4:17Will to live is over
4:19Syrian refuge crysis
4:25I don’t have change
4:26How many times should I tell you?
4:27No worries
4:29As long as the country is improving
4:33Y’all gave them 60 years
4:35Now give me 60 years
4:37I want to exchange 10,000
4:39Exchange limit is only 4000
4:45Okay sir
4:46Limit has changed
4:48It’s 4500
4:52Actually, there’s a new latest rule
4:54Exchange limit is only 2000
4:59Yeah okay sir
5:01Do you have a dog or a cat?
5:04Sorry sir it;s Thursday today
5:07Only cats
5:08Hi darling
5:08The dog that we have
5:10Throw him out of the window
5:11You have a window?
5:13No no
5:14Yes, of course, I have a window
5:19You’ll have to sing
5:20I just want some money
5:22Some money
5:24High octave
5:24I just want some money
5:27Auto tune
5:28I just want some money
5:31I just want some money
5:36Sex, more sexual
5:37I just want some money
5:40Dev Anand
5:41Money, me
5:43Naked dance
5:44I just want some money
5:48Sorry sir
5:49According to the circular, after 24th
5:51Man boobs not allowed
6:04Sorry sir, you don’t look like your photo id
6:08Please come tomorrow
6:09Come tomorrow?
6:10Listen, he’s asked you to come tomorrow
6:12There are others waiting too
6:13Can’t bear the pain just for a couple of days?
6:15Couple of days?
6:16Sometimes he says couple of days
6:17Sometimes months
6:18He’s a man or Maggi?
6:19Not Maggi
6:20Maggi sir
6:22And it’s an amazing idea he had
6:24Yeah but the implementation was bad
6:26Talke this idea and implement it in your ass
6:31Modi made me broke
6:35My hubby got lost in the ATM line
6:37Has anybody seen him?
6:42Is this line for HDFC or SBI?
6:45SBI line
6:47Oh fuck
6:58He’s dead
7:00At least he died for the country
7:02Who said that?
7:05Say that when
7:06you lose someone you know
7:07that he died for the country
7:08An innocent man just died
7:10and y’all are fighting amongst yourselves?
7:13Doesn’t this affect y’all at all?
7:14We got the new 500 notes
7:24What is time?
7:26Just a state of mind

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