Angela scanlon bikini – 2017


angela scanlon bikini

0:00 we’ve asked you for your hints and tips and what to do what to eat and where to
0:05 stay
0:05 we this week we’ve come to an enjoying a popular holiday island in the ionian sea
0:11 ok also donors
0:18 the first thing you notice when you get down here is the smell
0:21 it’s a biggie actually it’s a lot eggy but after a few deep breaths it’s almost
0:25 normal
0:29 and it said to be good for things like rheumatism and arthritis
0:34 plus it’s good for skin conditions
0:48 Emma or psoriasis
0:52 after a refreshing dip in the mineral waters
0:57 there’s a little to burn it just above the blazer want to make exactly i loved
1:01 it i especially love the food
1:04 to be honest i particularly love shipwreck beach I would ideally like a
1:07 piece of nothing
1:08 this person who the water but the water

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