Any painter in the same movement as rousseau or lowry – 2017


any painter in the same movement as rousseau or lowry

Rousseau claimed he had “no teacher other than nature”,although he admitted he had received “some advice” from two established Academic painters, Félix Auguste Clément and Jean-Léon Gérôme. Essentially, he was self-taught and is considered to be a naïve or primitive painter.


At his funeral, seven friends stood at his grave: the painters Paul Signac and Manuel Ortiz de Zárate, the artist couple Robert Delaunay and Sonia Terk, the sculptor Brâncu?i, Rousseau’s landlord Armand Queval and Guillaume Apollinaire who wrote the epitaph Brâncu?i put on the tombstone

The Dream reveals why Rousseau’s art was so admired by the Surrealists, especially the movement’s founder, André Breton, who wrote, “It is with Rousseau that we can speak for the first time of Magic Realism.”

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