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Ashling Thompson has been playing camogie since she was six-years-old. Her family life has been embedded with sport, and she was brought up to live and breathe camogie.

0:00ashley thompson favorite venue favorite ground that you like to play out to have
0:08them and definitely grow back either cracker tireless yeah they’re my two
0:15favorite it’s got to be throwing us in this occasion
0:18yeah and I prefer tireless lot more to call pi r two northern pack
0:24I don’t know what is the kind of reminds me of croc backlash even the grounds and
0:27stuff so services be going for me
0:30so you’re definitely happy that the game is there yeah and I mean we have a lot
0:34of good memories as well in tireless or no I’m happy is there and i’m happy that
0:38we get to play before the crack places when and bring a bit more special
0:41spectators and stuff like that to the game and it’s hard to get in televised
0:45so I think can bring great fortune to Molly and her all those little bits
0:49helping get a bit of a buzz going on lee side
0:52yeah the air and I think you know what’s even kind of getting us more excited and
0:56more driven and you know it’s kind of putting a bit of pressure on us to look
1:00good pressure you know what I mean I mean it’s gonna make you want to perform
1:03even better and try to impress and do i will kind of things
1:07next question is when did you york last $MONTH when a league final and I’m
1:12remembering cork 11 there three or four years ago anyway the company yeah yeah
1:17she was and the year before last as well we want

1:20and I was Captain so ya know that of hearing there and how you getting on his
1:25captain yourself you took over from Nigeria of course and she went all the
1:30way and won the all-ireland so you have a lot about it i do it’s a bit of
1:34pressure bush its pressure that I’m willing to take
1:37I mean I’m really enjoying it’s all fair and getting angry at the camp and your
1:41things are really looking up we’ve been honored leaking so you know what’s going
1:45with your friend you must be a good production line because there are a few
1:48high-profile retirement like Jamie O’Leary but it’s obviously girls who
1:52stepped up
1:53yeah there is a 19 change is good obviously we’re going to miss the
1:56gardens you know that are retired and staff push change is good sometimes to
2:00when it’s obviously showing it these days you know we’ve won five out of five
2:05so far sore and yeah they’re doing a brilliant job
2:10who’s your player of the year so far in your division and why from what you’ve
2:13seen them you can pick karkar you can pick something somebody outside corner
2:16or both
2:18I definitely pick from car was there’s quite a few and all the cars playing
2:25fantastic and you have large racy fullback you’ve learned cannon
2:30cornerback you know there is so many issues from julia white Katrina Mackey I
2:34mean on different days people are performing on believe me well so you
2:39know on the young guards as i said to so it is it’s drawing ross11 everyone name
2:45every guard if I could because honestly you know in different ways everyone’s
2:48doing such an immaculate job so i can’t really pick one individual just finally
2:53a few pretty much butts you listen to any music before the game and what do
2:56you listen together on the bus or in the dressing room and I do
3:01I suppose underboss all the time I would if I was feeling really into it like I
3:08bring the headphones and to the feed ads or no walking around Bushehr I listen to
3:13a lot of Nikola is now I don’t want to have to dodge realize for Sam it really
3:19get to go on and what I listen to anything like Nicki Minaj Rihanna to
3:24know anything from that and just anything at all to kind of get you going
3:31to get a bit of a buzz going so yeah and you like to go into a bit of his own
3:35before the gap will be ok it’s gonna just get well yeah I suppose and it kind
3:41of just as you said gets me in the zone and you know was in lake with the words
3:46& Sons I really can’t listen to the words so basically when I’m listening to
3:51those kind of songs it’s kind of bringing me into my own conference on
3:54and kind of let me forget about everything that’s happening in the
3:56outside world so it’s a really good with me some people wouldn’t but that’s a
4:01really good way for me to disconnect from anything that’s happening outlook
4:05so yeah number one and is there any particular song any particular lyrics
4:10that mean the right to say the right things to actually and room five pay for
4:19on that really hits on elastin orders different like there’s a kind of a big
4:27thing behind that song that hits home with me and general really gets me so it
4:33kind of motivates me to really get going in games and just finally how much
4:39you’re looking forward 12 captaining and a league final into the prospect of
4:44maybe lifting the trophy what that means somebody like you from your past has
4:47been well documented what you’ve come through you know what would meet you
4:50it would mean everything to be honest because you know this still after me to
4:55accomplish in my life and obviously winning any title is definitely one of
4:59them will crack it something i don’t have like I have one but I don’t have
5:03one is Captain so you know I really would mean everything to me and
5:07where I’m going to do everything in my bar to get there

Ashling Thompson has overcome serious adversity to become a Cork camogie star. She uses her body as a canvas, telling the story of the key events in her life with tattoos.

As soon as she begun to play sports, she couldn’t stop. Inheriting her athleticism from her mother and her quick-fire hurling skills from her father, camogie came naturally to Ashling from a young age.

Her mother and a friend set up Milford Camogie Club in 1997, and Ashling was a part of their first underage team, winning the county U-12 cup that year. They haven’t stopped winning since. The team has dominated at every age group; U-8, U-10, U-12, U-14, U-16, all the way up to senior level. During Ashling’s time playing for Milford, they have won four county championships and four Munster titles, as well as three All-Ireland titles.

0:04not many guards will never get to say that they could Captain you know their
0:12county senior team like it’s obviously an honor and serve to play but captain
0:16is an amazing achievement for myself soul huge honor for myself and a huge
0:22honor for my club men first
0:24you know I can’t thank them enough for giving me this opportunity and it’s a
0:29once-in-a-lifetime opportunity obviously September practice where you want to be
0:34once you said I was even in general your first day older training that’s why I
0:38look forward to what I am
0:40our main objective is just to take again my game and kind of learn from our
0:44mistakes we don’t feel the pressure dog being a modern champions because we were
0:49missing so many from natural we know we’re starting fresh so that’s kind of
0:53in the past know when we’re only looking to the future
0:56the young guard is made of Caroline swing back door Tracy fullback to know
1:01what girls like that Emily who stepped into going for a larger the league and
1:05stuff and I think its doors are the guards to watch because I know like
1:11certain players and bigger players get all the publicity but what they do
1:15behind the scenes they’re the backbone of the team like you might have someone
1:20who scores a large or someone you know who those tricky things or things like
1:25that and they get the kind of publicity side of it whereas it’s the young guards
1:29who were doing all the nitty-gritty kind of things not to take from anyone else
1:33but I’m saying like sometimes doesn’t get recognized and off so i think the
1:37younger ones are definitely one to watch

1:39obviously you have the main ones like wexford gadre pick any force that’s kind
1:45of a cliché every year and I think it’s not the case this year and we barely be
1:51temporary in the ones fine and you know we so are hammering double last year and
1:56this year we only reason i like six or seven points in the league totally
2:00different from Iran together you’ve asked Legion orders
2:03Terry you know and have on stepped up to the mac and wexford of last games God we
2:08jus to Limerick number current immediate last year so it’s extremely hard to
2:13predict but i think it’s great to keep the Senators and I used to
2:16talk to Jamal manolache she still plays thank God but I’m she’s just such a
2:22strong figure and she comes across or like she carries herself so well and
2:27it’s always a hundred and ten percent in or nothing this or I remember actually
2:32even washing a senior game one day and she dives to block down prayer you know
2:37it’s it’s Declan of that really like i don’t know i just look up to that in a
2:43sense i love the type of player that’s a day hurt

0:00when I was younger I kind of built up this profile that I was a tough girl you
0:11know and I couldn’t show that soft side of things a hard shell on the outside
0:15but soft as party i started to break down piece by piece and hit rock bottom
0:20a good few times and you know I was contemplating life in general that’s not
0:25the person I was always a fighter even knows that my worst time so he’s first
0:29just started to talk in or talk to my family and my close friends people that
0:34like really trust and it’s just one simple thing like that that can really
0:39make the world of difference that was the first little thing i did was just
0:42open up what we sentiment
1:01ashley thompson Milford’s karke the little things campaign is all about
1:06simple and meaningful day-to-day actions the little things we can all do to
1:11improve our game protector on mental health and care about the ones we love

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