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bikini body mommy 6.0


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you can see my knees right it cuts off
the boobs
we’re alive apparently good morning
bikini body while you Kelsey first lot
of ever
yes although you saw me in a bikini just
a few seconds ago and I technically way
more than I did on day one of five point
out i’m actually more fit that i have
been in two years if you haven’t already
taking a second to write down your
lineup go to do that now there’s going
to be four work out she started off the
new challenge wait in the afternoon
this is not good really wow you’re being
so engaged
regardless of where you’re starting from
this is all about being healthier being
stronger being happier you’re beautiful
that you’re smart that you’re capable of
more than you know that’s not because
you look the way that you look right now
you don’t need to change yourself in
order to be an amazing person you are
right now

hi bikini body mommies and welcome to
part of our . introductory series
this is the exercise component today I
want to talk to you about the premise of
bikini body mami challenge what
equipment you will need as well as
answer the most frequently asked
questions that I get at the start of a
challenge for everybody who’s joining
this new for everybody who’s joining
this new hi Brianna christine i am the
founder of bikini body mommy I am a
previous hundred-pound transformations
that success story and I’m a mother of
four who just be birth to baby number
for months ago so i’m holding onto a
ton of baby weight and I’m really
excited to see what all i can accomplish
physically through the course of the
days of bikini body on me challenge
that’s playing out now just a minute
throw this out there not to disappoint
anybody but I was hoping to do a workout
tonight with everybody at the end of
this segment to give everybody a taste
of what was going to be coming for six
point out and i’m not even kidding as
luck would have it last night I strained
something in my neck sleeping and I’ve
been chasing it like crazy all day i’m
in my shoulder and unfortunately it is
not ok enough to tempt doing the workout
anybody who’s done things work out the
past know that they’re really really
extreme and I am NOT going to risk
hurting myself any worse because i have
to actually begin filming this challenge
live on monday so I’m going to rest and
I sit and listen to my body and and I
just want everybody to know that i know
there were so many people who are hoping
to get a live workout tonight I really
apologize jump into the twelve days of
Christmas write down all of those
and do them back-to-back in succession
set your timers and you can do the work
out on our own work done today if you
were already showed up with your shoes
on ready to gallop
ok so for everybody out there who is
wondering what is the bikini body mami
challenge what equipment you’ll need is
this beginner-friendly is it pregnancy
friendly is it
breastfeeding friendly to follow I’m
going to answer all of those questions
right now I want to make sure fine
answer everybody’s questions to make
sure that we keep this interactive and
you you ask me questions as we go along
also gas
happy New Year to everyone depending on
where you are in the world you could
have already celebrated your new year’s
eve if you’re watching this in the
middle of the night wherever you are if
you are excited about the keyboard
challenge six-point oh and you are
participating live with me on monday
can I get some hearts and some lights
can we build up this excitement i know a
lot of people right now are super pumped
about six point out i have not come to
challenge in almost a year
yeah since I gave birth to our one and
so this is a long time coming there are
a lot of people who are really really
excited about this if that’s you let’s
see it look at all those parts and the
lights amazing guys so let’s jump into
this first and foremost I want to
address the premise of the keyboarding
only challenge . of these workouts
going to be all about the workout
component of this is based off of hit or
high intensity interval training and the
way that works is we do and all outburst
of exercise for a short duration usually
the max is seconds to a minute
followed by seconds generally arrest
and the way that works is that it helps
us burn the maximum amount of calories
not just during your workout but
throughout the day there’s a post
calorie consumption that happens
throughout the day I’m blanking right
now I’m having such a moment oh my gosh
but it is really really effective at
lasting that not just during your
workout but throughout the course of the
day so when it comes to wondering how
time you’re actually going to need for
these workouts it’s really a minimal
amount of time each day you are only
going to need between to minutes
per day for these workouts
now the next question that i get off
asked the most often is Argus workout
beginner friendly and my answer to that
is yes if you have followed my last two
challenges you know that in four point
oh I was pregnant entire time I found
for cornell and it was a secret i hadn’t
told anybody and I was really struggling
with morning sickness I was it was a
really rough rocky pregnancy and I
wanted to be back came back from your
point was that the challenge was too
easy and then i’m going to define window
right after I gave birth and again
people love my point on the Left going
through that challenge with me but they
felt like it might have been a little
bit too easy so you do not have to worry
about these challenges being
beginner-friendly they are extremely
beginner friendly and they can also
appeal to the more advanced athlete the
way that I have the structure is that
it’s a game against yourself you were
trying to improve against yourself
during each and every workout
what does that mean brought that means
that we set a timer and you were trying
to get in the max number of rats reps
whether that squat or push-ups before
that timer goes off and the stronger you
get the more reps are able to get in or
the heavier amount of weight you’re able
to actually left so it’s very
progressive in nature you don’t have to
worry about plateauing you don’t have to
worry about making it easier because
there’s always a way to make something
easier and
don’t have to usually worry about making
it harder because there’s generally a
way to make this harder so that’s good
news for everybody who’s looking to have
what whether or not this workout is
going to be right for them on the next
question is is this point of series
going to be pregnancies pregnancy
friendly or postpartum friendly how
quickly after you give birth
are you able to jump into these workouts
and for that i want to say that if
you’ve just given birth you cannot do
these workouts without getting a release
from your doctor you need to give your
body time to heal and what that time
looks like it’s going to be individual
for you personally so get the release of
a doctor before you jump in if you’re
pregnant you can also get the release
from your doctor it’s really important
because that’s outside of the normal
condition following these workouts if
you have any sort of heart issues or you
had a stroke in the past
make sure you have your physician
approval prior to starting this
challenge with regards to whether it’s
pregnancy friendly or not you’re going
to have to make modifications
I’m really ramping it up with six point
out i’m throwing in some really advanced
moves that you’re probably not going to
want to do if you’re pregnant
I and on the subject of pregnancy and
what that does to our bodies if you have
not checked out my diastasis recti
series go and do that now if you’re like
diastasis what dices recta is an
abdominal separation that most women
experience during the course of their
pregnancy where the abdominal wall
separates and then a lot of women it’s
so common an undiagnosed those ab
muscles never come back together so when
you do a lot of planks or push-ups or
different moves they’re going to
actually cause the separation to get
work and that’s what makes us as
men look like you’re pregnant six months
ten years after we’ve actually had a
baby and we’re wondering why are none of
these crunches actually working why am I
getting this bump making it look worse a
lot of times diastasis recti to plan I
have a complete diastasis recti series
on membership platform again go to
member’s dot bikini body Omnicom it is a
or part series which helps rehab
diastasis recti as well as address the
diagnosis behind whether or not you have
it on so i highly recommend that
everybody checks out that series prior
to starting six point out because in
addition to the day challenge
workouts for six point out we are going
to have to brand new bonus absolutely
ruiz now for anybody who’s done the
bonus absolutely depressed you know that
the bonus abs are only five minutes long
and they are fantastic addition to add
onto the day challenge workouts they
personally helped me tremendously and
they have gotten women and mothers
around the world some amazing results
with trying to little the middle and
strengthening their core and it’s just a
fantastic series to throw on to your the
end of your workouts now where are you
going to find your six point of workouts
well if you’re participating live with
me than you already have those details
and you know where to find them come
monday but if you’re going to be
following the challenge free when it
comes out to the general public on the
then you need to take a second right
now to subscribe to my youtube channel
I’m not saying
but to make it sound fancy and like I’m
important or anything that the reason
I’m asking you to subscribe to my
youtube channel is because after it
comes to work out to youtube youtube
will actually take a second to email you
directly to say hey bikini body mommy
just released any workout video get up
out of bed get your shoes on and let’s
so they will email you directly and
notify you as soon as the new workout is
live so again don’t skip that fact that
go to youtube /a bikini body money
subscribe it takes the second and it’s
really important to making sure that you
get those workouts in addition to
youtube there is an email feature where
you can be emailed your workouts as well
as your week week guys that have
your exercise cards and sample of what
your meal plan for the week will look
like and i will make sure you include
the link for that up above all you need
to do is just click the join now and for
the free challenge and you will be
registered to begin receiving those
emails as soon as they go live
so that’s how you’re gonna follow the
challenge in terms of equipment what
equipment are you going to need you are
going to need like i said only to
minutes per day
there are six workouts per week with one
day of rest now I’m some of those days
are going to be repeat workout it just
depends on what we have in lieu for the
schedule i and you are going to need a
set of dumbbells to do the workout
you’re probably going to need an
exercise mat if you’re on a hard surface
and you are going to need an interval
timer my favorite interval timer is
literally called interval timer you can
get it from the app store it’s free
download that
to your phone so that you’re able to
follow the workouts in your own time and
you are going to need some way to track
your scores again this is a game against
yourself and you’re trying to improve
upon your own progress each and every
workout so for six point out brand-new
we have a workbook that is basically
like a condensed version of the day
challenge journal it’s digitally
delivered right away i’ve included the
link already up above to download your
it’s only six bucks seven box was it
anything super expensive it’s about
pages long and it gives you everything
that you need to trap your scores
throughout the challenge and again it’s
super printer-friendly because it’s a
condensed version of the digital journal
now if you want to get the original
beautiful day challenge book you can
do that and what the difference between
the two is is that the -day challenge
and successful actually gives you a way
to track to track your your progress
throughout the challenge i use this one
for . so I’m trying to find up
well i’m not gonna be able to find it
and put photos them but you’ll get the
use of the jet stripe so you can track
your measurements you can put in your
photos and it’s a really fun interactive
way to just keep track of your progress
throughout the challenge as well as your
workout it’s pages it is a full book
it’s full of motivational quotes and it
has a calendar for tracking the
challenge inside of it it has the letter
from bri
Donna I so this book is available on my
website if you want more condensed
immediately delivered version of the
six-point workbook you can click the
link up above to download your copy
today I want to ensure that i didn’t fit
anybody’s questions anybody have any
questions for me that I missed
will there be a diet but this challenge
yes there is going to die but i’m going
to be releasing the sign up for that
tomorrow so that everybody can find out
that the diet but starts monday it
starts the second because i couldn’t do
x of s it’s going to be for the first
days of the challenge or the first four
weeks and I know that that’s a fantastic
the diet that is a fantastic incentive
for everybody who’s looking to add a
little proverbial carrot in terms of
money or money reward for helping them
stay on track for the first part of the
challenge so and you will be able to go
and check that out tomorrow i will have
the link for you guys to go sign up for
the diet bed and somebody’s asking what
are my favorite workout clothes i have a
huge fan
workout clothes are expensive let me
just say that I so when i’m in in shape
and I know they’re not gonna be going
through close really quickly I’m gonna
have the same type of self all the time
I love victoria secret sport their
sports bras the angel styles for its bra
from victoria’s secret has been my jam
for like four years I and they’re
breastfeeding friendly they don’t give
me any sort of clogged milk ducts and
and because i’m still exclusively
breastfeeding I and they go up to a like
double D on so i’m looking right at
the upper natural looking fake where
they will still fit for me right now but
they’re fantastic style if you have a
lot of weight to lose like I do right
now I tend to go with I’m some more
affordable options this head to toe
right now is old maybe and i think i
spent thirty dollars total or two tops
and a pair of pants that were on on sale
so I’m depending on what your goals are
if you are in the in shape right now
you’re just looking to feel really good
about what you’re doing and feeling good
about your skin close health
I mean I know that sounds materialistic
but when you feel good about how you
you tend to work out a little harder
these tend to feel better about your
workouts in general I’m so I feel like
splurging a little bit on the clothes
sometimes it’s worth it and yeah it’s
triple TV show you our last woman you
are blessed
what weight dumbbells small using for
this challenge that is fantastic
fantastic question so i recommend your
weight of dumbbells anywhere from five
pounds and upwards I don’t recommend
starting below five pounds and the
reason why is because we generally lift
things direct throughout the day whether
that’s our purse that were carrying on
our shoulder or getting things out of
the covers or lifting up our kids all
those things way more than pounds so
if you are lifting something that is
less than that it’s not going to change
your body you have to challenge your
body you have to feel discomfort in
order to actually foster that change
that you’re looking for
so you need to be higher than pounds
for the challenge i’m going to be doing
anywhere from to pounds i ended my
last life we program with
pound that was feeling light despite the
fact that i have a ton of baby weight
right now i am the strongest and fittest
that I’ve been since I found three point
out I know it doesn’t look like it but
legit i’m going in . for everybody out
there was like i went with my partner
she was pregnant and she just had the
baby and I felt like it was too easy
you better watch out this is gonna be
I ok i am I going to do
periscope those videos were awesome i
could probably jump back on that first
go a little bit i really like attached
myself to facebook live better to be
honest so yeah exactly so yeah that’s
what i’m doing and i’m going to do
another contest where we do a girls trip
we’re going to do something fun whether
it’s a girls trip or not I’m gonna have
to stay tuned we’re going to announce
that on day one and I’m not going to
announce it any better than that
so mom’s the word but something is going
to be thrown your way as an added
incentive so i think that is it
java thank you so much she’s been with
me since one point out and where’s that
where’s my knee and the workout program
that’s just a lot of you guys have been
with me for a very long time and you
guys even though we may be having that
person are like girlfriends to me and I
have no doubt that we will be friends
and in real life you guys have just been
amazing you’ve been along for the ride
you’ve been there when I was a single
long you’ve been there throughout you
know my price
when he and giving birth to our women
and now this postpartum period and your
confidence in me and just the connection
that we all share is really something
that I’m super super excited about very
proud of and so I cannot wait to see all
of your faces when we when we release
this challenge whether that’s live on
speaking of what are we have %
powerful yeah so we have a couple spots
if you’re still on the fence jump into
it because we’re going to our first meal
prep fun day tomorrow morning New Year’s
what better time to turn things around
to make that new year’s resolution and
make it happen for yourself and if
you’re watching this video after the
fact and it’s january fourth or january
but that is still your new year’s day
you can still turn this around join this
movement it is gonna be so much fun and
I’m so excited to get started and and i
think that’s it
alright guys that is it again I
apologize that I can’t put together the
free workout right now because my mac is
I’m going to go ice it going to relax
when is it going to get ready for my
meal prep sunday tomorrow with my life
group and i will see you guys again
really really soon

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