Black electrical tape bikini – 2017


Electrical tape-bikinis all the rage in Rio: ‘We look sexier’

0:00a new tanning craze has taken over rio
0:03de janeiro women are on the hunt for
0:06perfect timelines and according to one
0:08so Nona an electrical tape bikini is the
0:11only way to go
0:12Erica Martin’s opened her salon after
0:15years of perfecting her technique on
0:17herself and friends she sticks the black
0:20tape on customers wear bikini would
0:22usually go
0:23however this PT fat is somewhat time
0:26consuming like saying depending on the
0:30temperature of the day and their skin
0:32types they must stay from 40 minutes to
0:34an hour and 20 minutes on each side
0:37Erica only has space for 30 on her roof
0:40top so clients was booked to guarantee
0:42their space and it was setting back
0:44around 20 US dollars each visit
0:47sunscreen is used on her customers
0:50however according to experts this
0:51special tanning lotion applied after
0:53makes any some protection useless
0:56despite dermatologist warning sounds
0:59like Erica’s are at full capacity seven
1:01days a week and with such tantalizing
1:04results it looks like electrical tape
1:06tanning is here to stay
1:16if you don’t represent women in politics

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