Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester United 1-2 – All Goals & Highlights 19/02/2017 HD – 2017


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Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester United 1-2 – All Goals & Highlights 19/02/2017 HD

0:00help support and that’s what hold it out
0:35right foot
0:38over away from that little
0:46call to get something that we’re gonna
0:47finish grab it
0:51wonderful place
0:53stunning black book the public will be
0:58included to go there
1:03the ring
1:08forget it
1:13Danny Graham with his 12th goal of the
1:15season is the text somebody scream in
1:18the air
1:22just had a crime
1:27miss netiquette Aryan well what
1:46no that really can’t go gradually
1:47getting that straight from your own
1:50corner all freaking out thinking the
1:53cross you over black but looking back to
1:56the plate he’s been there
1:59people people working here no chance
2:03gotta keep ur welcome make the time to
2:06start up outside of the foot gets my
2:09seal and if the cap it back from your
2:12own free kick
2:16disappointing facility
2:21Magnus involved the magnet Aryan record
2:25like sleep I got it
2:27that’s all girls in the competition and
2:29six matches or not by no division lead
2:48another buddy not tonight
2:54hope you picked it up just a little
2:57looking pretty much after they take to
3:00provide people with
3:02what’s this
3:04people don’t want people believe that
3:07people will be booked even contacted
3:14I wanted to do that but I call that
3:16provides Greer exactly what he wants his
3:20guide into that back post
3:24just fix him like a quarterback does
3:26make a man rich lips up
3:29the angle and sliced the ball in marina
3:32was not bringing both players on trying
3:34to decide together what about 60 minutes
3:37local played the past even with another
3:41call my honey on the side
4:03I haven’t lied but it does not undergo
4:09we didn’t imagine it’s a great cook
4:13don’t give up Mahoney with exceptional
4:1650 come on just like why the United
4:17defender will make them at two quick
4:21stops and smiles of scopes
4:27yeah correct cool what’s frustrating is
4:30that is the background
4:32what do you think the playbar honey and

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