Blogger’s’bloated’photo strikes a chord – 2017


Blogger’s ‘bloated’ photo strikes a chord

Kelsey Wells’s fitness journey includes loving herself, flaws and all. (Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/mysweatlife)
We live in a world of filters and Photoshop, so it’s important to keep it real from time to time. Popular fitness blogger Kelsey Wells took a break from her “fitspo” posts on Monday to do a gut check — literally and figuratively — and share it with her legion of Instagram followers and Facebook fans so they could see that, yes, she too has imperfections, and it’s OK. Wells showed off two pictures of her normally chiseled belly looking so bloated from eating that many commenters assumed she was pregnant.

Remember those extra treats I mentioned? I try to indulge in moderation, but let's be honest I'm human and I love food and that doesn't always happen. // I wanted to post this because I have received more than a few questions lately such as "how do you never look bloated?", "how do you never get zits?", and "how do you not have stretch marks?", ect. First, I definitely do get bloated (☝ ), I definitely have occasional breakouts (hello hormones), and I actually do have stretch marks (though they have faded). I could give you tips and tricks on how to fight bloating and zits and stretch marks, but I think it's more important for everyone to realize that these things are totally normal! And nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Instagram is often a highlight reel of sorts, and there is nothing wrong with focusing on the positive! But it's so important to keep it real and remember that most the images you see while scrolling (including mine) are people's "best foot forward". Of course I want to take photos in good lighting and show my best angles, but I never want that to be misconstrued as saying I don't have bad ones or never look bloated. EVERYONE is human. Everyone is beautiful. The key is to spend less time picking ourselves apart and more time seeing how beautiful, amazing, and miraculous our bodies are — bloating, zits, stretch marks, and all.❤️ . . . . #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbgcommunity #bbg #bbglife #fit #fitchick #fitmom #fitness #fitlife #keepitreal #happy #healthy #bloated #selflove #workout #fitspo #fitspiration #realtalk #fitnessmotivation #motivationmonday

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