BREAKING! Look Who Is A Target Of The Flynn Leak Probe – 2017


BREAKING! Look Who Is A Target Of The Flynn Leak Probe

0:07welcome back to end times prophecy news
0:11my name is brother Jim or working here
0:13from red state watcher news headlines
0:16that with bible prophecy about Donald
0:18Trump Cyrus look who is the target of
0:22the Flynn leak probe the Department of
0:25Justice is a target of the source of the
0:27leak that ultimately led to the ouster
0:29of michael Flynn from circa President
0:33Donald Trump said Thursday he is prepped
0:36pressing for a full investigation into
0:38the intelligent leaks that led to the
0:40ouster of former national security
0:42adviser lieutenant general michael Flynn
0:45and circa can confirm that one of the
0:48agencies that they’re looking at is the
0:50Department of Justice let’s go put
0:53persons and agencies that would have had
0:56access to the information contained in
0:58the transcribed phone calls is
1:00relatively small and would include DOJ
1:03officials as well several US officials
1:05told circa the leaks which were reported
1:08in detail by The Washington Post
1:10regarded the relatively short phone
1:13conversation between linden Russian
1:15ambassador to the United States Sergei
1:17Ivanovich kids lock despite calls from
1:21some Democrats and Republicans to
1:23investigate Flynn the FBI announced
1:25Thursday that they would not be
1:26investigating and sources close to Flint
1:29old circuit he was willing and ready to
1:31speak to anybody or any committee about
1:34his conversation and that he broke no

1:35laws although the FBI is under the
1:38jurisdiction of the DOJ and would have
1:40access to the documentation so does do
1:43Jays counter-espionage division a US
1:46official told circa information from the
1:49intercepts was also spread more widely
1:51in January when DOJ officials breathes
1:54White House officials and other elements
1:56of the intelligence community that also
1:58expanded the potential pool of the
2:02people that could leak to include the
2:04NSA and the CIA the DOJ decline comment
2:08Thursday night and wow look what
2:12lawmakers are gearing up for in the
2:14congressional recess if you don’t show
2:18for work tomorrow there
2:19safe every 16 without permission don’t
2:22show again
2:24well today’s februari 17 so i guess they
2:28don’t have jobs anymore because they
2:30went out and protested lawmakers are
2:33preparing for extensive protest when
2:35they recess next week from mcclatchy DC
2:38it’s going to be ugly for congressional
2:40lawmakers next week back home if they go
2:44Congress friday begins at first extended
2:47recess does the district work week since
2:51Donald Trump became president january
2:52twenty it returns to Washington for
2:54great 27 as I told our step in the
2:58district be prepared next week that we
3:00go home
3:01everywhere we go there’s going to be
3:02groves of people coming out that
3:05representative mark walker Republican
3:07North Carolina care of the conservative
3:09Republican Study Committee the anger is
3:12bipartisan and bifurcated and has
3:16already erupted in town hall meetings
3:18and at local congressional offices over
3:21the past weeks and why because it’s all
3:25the the leaders the 32,000 leaders of
3:28the of the shadow government that Obama
3:31still runs that’s right i’ve talked
3:33about this several times he’s running
3:36right there out of Washington DC where
3:38he put up a huge six or seven or eight
3:41foot wall around his mansion and he has
3:44his own cabinet of shadow government to
3:48take down Donald Trump Democrats and
3:51liberals are upset about efforts by
3:54Trump and congressional Republicans to
3:56kill the Affordable Care at outraged
3:58over Trump immigration executive order
4:00and irate over most of the president’s
4:03cabinet pics Republicans are slowly
4:05showing independent streaks education
4:09secretary Betsy DeVos came within a
4:11single vote of not being confirmed by
4:13the Senate and Andy plus dirt from first
4:15nominee for labor secretary pulled out
4:17because he lacked enough Senate
4:20Republican support is not just the way
4:21God always works
4:23you only need one vote otherwise you
4:25would have been wouldn’t have made it
4:28Betsy but God came through
4:32at the last second while several
4:34lawmakers describe the protest as noise
4:37create Holman lobbyist for Public
4:40Citizen a nonpartisan government
4:42watchdog groups said the fear back home
4:45will matter
4:46people are clearly upset home and said
4:49we have seen the impact on members of
4:51Congress we have cancelled town hall
4:53meetings this is being talked about
4:55education tables throughout the country
4:57when Congress returns it has a lengthy
4:59list of more controversial confirmations
5:03including Neil courses from speak for
5:06the Supreme Court and it plans to take a
5:08serious look at outer replace Obamacare
5:11and pay for a u.s. Mexico wall yet a lot
5:14of Senate and House members won’t see
5:16much as Americans can stupid saying
5:19excuse me I think I’ve mispronounced
5:23that constituents to cincy Republican
5:29Senator Richard burr of north carolina
5:31for example will be out of the country
5:33on congressional businesses is GOP
5:36kool-aid senator Thomas Tillis will be
5:39on a congressional trip during the
5:42us-mexican border
5:44Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of
5:46South Carolina fake Republicans and
5:48Marco Rubio of Florida another
5:51constituent who is paid off by George
5:54source that’s right
5:56never underestimate these guys will be
6:00among 16 congressional lawmakers
6:02attending the annual munich security
6:04conference in Germany Central Ward blunt
6:08Republican of Missouri has not set up
6:10office hours and currently has no public
6:13appearances scheduled he too is
6:15scheduled to be out of the country
6:17what plans to speak at the gops link
6:20engages in Springfield Missouri to break
6:2225th Senator Claire McCaskill the senate
6:26homeland security committees top
6:28Democrat will be turning the us-mexico
6:30border next week to raise hell and their
6:33absences will stop the protest at home
6:35in North Carolina members of indivisible
6:38Charlotte and offshoot of a national
6:42group created after Trump selection by
6:44Democratic staffers to raise hell are
6:46planning to hold it till this lift town
6:50hall meeting next week after they say
6:52the senator repeatedly rebuffed the
6:54request of indivisible North Carolina
6:57groups to attend a town hall
6:59well it’s going to be the very town hall
7:03that he should support to listen to his
7:05constituents to hear what’s going on to
7:08hear their concerns said scott chapman
7:1055 but started tick entrepreneur who
7:15formed indivisible Sherman and you have
7:18to remember these town hall meetings are
7:20infested with all bomber shadow
7:24government the deep state
7:31well it’s going to be all for this
7:33report on behalf at the moment we’ll see
7:36the next video and thank you for
7:38listening problem

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