Budweiser superbowl commercial – Transcript youtube video – 2017

budweiser superbowl commercial

0:00I’m sorry to tell you but wiser drinkers
0:01but your beloved beer commercial the
0:03superbowl sunday is liberal propaganda
0:05the 60-second spot chronicles the
0:07journey of anheuser-busch co-founder
0:09Adolphus Busch as he’s immigrating to
0:11America in 1857 from Germany and there’s
0:15a scene in through theorize on shore
0:17where someone says you’re not welcome

0:25it also cleverly teases the
0:28anti-immigrant theme with the opening
0:30scene of the commercial with someone
0:31turning to him and saying you don’t look
0:33like you’re from around here at the end
0:35of the commercial you realize that was
0:36actually everhard anhyzer and the scene
0:39depicts Adolphus Busch meeting ever hard
0:42for the first time to then start the
0:44anheuser-busch Brewing Company which
0:46obviously bruise Budweiser beer now on
0:49all four touchy immigrant success story
0:50and there are many and in fact the last
0:53night check asian americans have the
0:54highest income in the united states of
0:57america but at this point you can’t help
0:59but see this as another anti-trump
1:01propaganda piece which I wouldn’t be
1:02surprised if it was paid for by george
1:04soros the puppet master who is behind
1:07most of these protests and since we’re
1:09on the topic of immigration we should
1:11probably clear up some of the fake news
1:13that surrounding the supposed
1:14immigration band because it’s not an
1:17immigration ban president Trump’s
1:19executive order put a temporary freeze
1:21890 day three months freeze on
1:24immigration from seven countries that
1:26the mainstream media says are
1:28predominantly Muslim but guess what
1:30there are 40 other predominantly Muslim
1:33countries overwhelmingly Muslim
1:36countries which are allowed to have
1:38immigrants come here 27 countries that
1:40President Trump has put a temporary
1:41immigration freeze on are the countries
1:44that the Obama administration identified
1:46as the hotbeds of Islamic terrorism in
1:49fact the Obama administration put a
1:51six-month freeze on immigration from
1:53Iraq when things are getting crazy again
1:55over there to make sure that no Iraqi
1:58terrorists would come to America to
2:00attack us here there will be an
2:02anti-trump propaganda that we’re seeing
2:03in the mainstream media is so outrageous
2:05that they’re bringing on pundits and
2:07supposed to national security experts to
2:10say that this immigration temporary
2:12freeze is going to make America less
2:14safe because they’re saying that it’s
2:16going to anger Isis and cause them to
2:18attack us even more
2:19what planet to these liberals live on
2:21where they can say with a straight face
2:22that taking steps to prevent a terrorist
2:25attacks is putting us at further risk of
2:27terrorist attacks because it’s going to
2:29anger the terrorists liberalism and the
2:32Democrat Party is completely destroying
2:34itself as they have become the most
2:36intolerance violence
2:38insane out-of-touch Lola tix that we’ve
2:42seen in modern America what President
2:44Jose policies are put in place and have
2:46time to take effect many Union Democrats
2:48in many African Americans and many
2:50typical lifelong Democrats are going to
2:53come over and become Republicans because
2:55they’re going to realize that the
2:56Democrat Party has done nothing but use
2:58them for votes for generations the Union
3:01Democrats are going to end up loving
3:02Trump because he’s gonna be getting them
3:04jobs and the people that are stuck in
3:05the ghetto are going to love
3:06presidential gonna clean up their
3:08hellhole neighborhoods with all these
3:10protests that we see springing up which
3:12are primarily funded by George Soros and
3:13other leftist billionaire backers it’s
3:16essentially like a caged animal which
3:18has been caught which is now acting
3:20totally irrational and is totally scared
3:22of its mind and is getting more vicious
3:24and dangerous by the day so things are
3:27probably gonna get a little bit more
3:28chaotic but it’s going to take a little
3:29bit more time but we are rapidly
3:31eradicated the cancer that has corrupted
3:34this country
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