Christmas movies to hide from the kids – Yahoo News – 2017

Christmas movies to hide from the kids

The best ‘not safe for kids’ Christmas movies… and their freakiest moments

Bad Santa... He's only ever naughty - Credit: Sony Pictures

This Santa doesn’t care if you’re naughty or nice, he only cares that he’s horny and that’s the holiday way. Billy Bob made for the most unsuitable mall Santa ever in Terry Zwigoff’s original foul-mouthed 2003 comedy, and Willie returns after a 13-year absence in this month’s belated sequel, badder and ballsier than ever. All he wants in his stocking is a woman’s leg, preferably attached to the rest of a woman’s body. Ho ho ho indeed.

Most kid unfriendly moment: A post-anal sex boast to his partner about how she “ain’t gonna s**t right for a week!”

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