Cj de mooi autobiography – 2017

cj de mooi autobiography

CJ: The Autobiography of CJ De Mooi: My Journey From the Streets to the Screens


Best known as an actor and one of the BBC’s Eggheads, few people would guess at the horrific early years CJ de Mooi endured. As a teenager, CJ fled from his childhood home to escape prolonged child abuse, hatred and violence, and consequently slept rough for three years. He sank to – and almost didn’t survive – far worse depths than this before a bizarre stroke of luck came from a very surprising place. CJ’s jaw-dropping life story relates his journey in graphic detail and astounding honesty. He’s not afraid to shine the spotlight on his darkest hours, some of which are truly shocking. However, through it all he held onto his dream of a life on the stage and his desperate belief that he deserved better. Now a successful actor, CJ has shared his anger, torment and ultimate joy in a most unexpected autobiography. His life, like his book, is Unscripted.

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