Crack your brain which one will be full first|which one will be full first? NOTHING – 2017


crack your brain which one will be full first | which one will be full first?


Answer below

3 is Most answered

which one will be full first whatsapp | which one will be full first puzzle


crack your brain questions and answers | which one will be full first?

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Crack ur brain.

1. X is a 7 letter word,

2. X is impossible 4 GOD,

3. new babies like X better than milk,

4. the poor have X and

5. the rich look for X from the poor,

6. if u eat X u will die,

7. X is more important than ur life.



Unsolved Puzzle 1

a study reports that college students work, on average, between 4.63 and 12.63 hours a week, with confidence coefficient .95. which of the following statements are correct?

Unsolved Puzzle 2

assume you have just started a new job, have a car loan, and have a student loan. you have just received a cash gift of $1,000 from a relative, which of the following is the best use of this money?

Unsolved Puzzle 3

if the interest rate on a savings account is 0.01%, approximately how much money do you need to keep in this account for 1 year to earn enough interest to cover a single $9.99 below-minimum-balance fee?

Unsolved Puzzle 4

what did the pen say when he murdered the paper

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