David hamilton photos and Flavie Flament – 2017


David Hamilton is a British photographer and film director best known for his nude images of young girls.

Flavie Flament is a French television and radio presenter.In this sensitive and delicate story Flavie Flament evokes betrayal adults who robbed him of his body and his innocence. It is also the story of a renaissance.


The Book of Consolation Flavie Flament (Editions JC Lattes) appears on Wednesday 19 October. She recounts her rape by a famous photographer at the age of 13. If she refuses to say his name, the details provided by the book overwhelm the author of The Age of Innocence.

Photos References

David Hamilton, the famous photographer, has always had a heightened awareness of what photography owes to painting: its aestheticism and its processes. An admirer of beauty in all its forms, it is logical that his work remains in the field of pictorial art. He thus cites the landscapes of Gustave Le Gray or the nudes of Robert Demachy as often as the still lifes of Morandi or Degas’ dancers.









I never imagined investigate on my own life. I made a long trip I came away extraordinarily lively, eager for my next and existence. But the journey was long, lonely, painful and scary.

The Book of Consolation Flavie Flament (Editions JC Lattes) : Sotware Traslation: Mistakes are Regretted – A journey into a memory buried somewhere deep inside, a safe secret sealed with the seal of shame, protection, lies and deceptions.

It is called the traumatic memory. It’s a ghost chasing you, invisible assailant of your sleepless nights and disturbed your happiness. I suffered the first assaults of memory, such flashes coming from an undefined infinity, annihilated, subject, forbidden to the screams of a past that nothing prevented arise.

So I decided to face. I left up images of childhood, in a crazy mess, I wiped the gusts, and swirl resisted, secured by guards of psychiatry, I recomposed the film whose projection was me, since my 12 year old permitted.

This is my story, that of Dollie, who was missing a piece of vital existence as a heart beat. I assembled one by one, the sequences of the devastation of innocence, as it reconstructs a picture that the culprits have knowingly ripped day.
Today I am I, full, stronger. Comforted.

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