Emergency haircut saves unkempt shih – 2017


Emergency haircut saves unkempt shih

This shih tzu was found with fur so matted it couldn’t walk or see

They’re usually cute and fluffy, but this shih tzu was left with fur so badly matted it could barely walk.

The poor pooch was found wandering the streets with a filthy coat that meant he could hardly see.

Lucky for the stricken dog, a member of the public found him in Braunstone, Leicestershire, on November 30, and he was whisked to the vets for an emergency haircut.



Kain the neglected shih tzu as he was found by the RSPCA. See News Team story NTIDOG; A neglected dog found wandering around a city estate with badly matted hair has been taken in by RSPCA. Kain, a shih tzu, has had his long, filthy hair chopped back and is now back to full health. But RSPCA officers are very worried about the way he was being treated and whether there might be more pets living in squalor at the same place. He was found in Braunstone Close, Braunstone, on November 30, wandering around and struggling to see through his hair.

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