How many bikers will attend the inauguration? – 2017


How many bikers will attend the inauguration?

President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday touted that “Bikers for Trump” will be at his inauguration, after the group’s leader vowed to form a “wall of meat” to defend the ceremony against anti-Trump protesters.

More than 5,000 pro-Trump bikers will form a ‘wall’ at The Donald’s inauguration and go head-to-head with any violent protesters

Chris Cox, 48, is the organizer of Bikers for Trump, which will attend swearing-in
He says the group is non-violent but will stand up to dangerous protesters
If protesters break through police lines, the bikers will form a ‘wall of meat’
The bikers will also have their own rally, complete with speakers and music
He also hopes to curry the favor of political figures to get a bill passed
That bill would keep national parks and monuments open when gov’t is closed

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