How many cards are in a standard deck? – 2017


How many cards are in a standard deck?

52 [fifty two]

Ever been challenged to a round of 52 pick-up? It’s more of a prank than a game. If your friends ask you to play and you say yes, they’ll scatter an entire standard deck – 52 cards – across the floor, and you’ll have to retrieve them. If you’re asked to go along with this silly trick, kindly decline and ask to play something else – there are dozens of games to enjoy with a standard deck of cards. Source: Portland State University

A deck of 52 cards contains 12 face cards. Face cards are those with a king, queen or jack on them. Since there are four suits and each suit contains one of each type of face card, there are four kings, four queens and four jacks in a deck.

The deck of 52 French playing cards is the most common deck of playing cards used today. They are commonly utilised in gambling e.g. casinos,pubs etc…It includes thirteen ranks of each of the four French suits: clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), hearts (♥) and spades (♠), with reversible “court” or face cards. Some modern designs, however, have done away with reversible face cards.

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