How many presidential candidates have been investigated by the fbi – 2017


how many presidential candidates have been investigated by the fbi


This article provides a list of federal political scandals of the United States, sorted from most recent date to least recent.

2009–2017 Barack Obama Administration[edit]
Executive Branch
Katherine Archuleta, who was the director of the Office of Personnel Management, was forced to resign on July 10, 2015 after the data theft of information on 22 million people who had applied for security clearances.[1]
Veterans Health Administration scandal of 2014 – It was discovered that officials in the Phoenix VA hospital lied about how long the wait times were for veterans to see a doctor.[2] An investigation of delays is being conducted by the Veterans Affairs Office of the Inspector General.[3][4] The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, General Eric Shinseki, voluntarily resigned.[5]
2013 IRS scandal – IRS admitted to inappropriate investigation of conservative political groups associated with the Tea Party that may not have met the criteria for certain tax exemptions.[6] Later, it was found that the IRS investigated liberal and progressive groups as well.[7][8][9][10][11] The president demanded and accepted the resignation of Steven T. Miller Acting Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. Other actions arising from the scandal included:
Lois Lerner, head of the IRS Office of Exempt Organizations, stated she had not done anything wrong and then took the Fifth before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.[12] She retired in 2013 after an internal investigation found that she neglected her duties and was going to call for her ouster.[13]
Joseph H. Grant, commissioner of the IRS Tax-exempt and Government entities division, resigned on May 16, 2013.[14]
ATF gunwalking scandal – Attorney General Eric Holder was held in Contempt of Congress after refusing to release all documents which the House of Representatives had demanded concerning the Fast and Furious gun walking operation. (2012)[15]
Terence Flynn, an appointee of Barack Obama to the National Labor Relations Board, resigned in May 2012 after being accused of serious ethical violations by leaking information to the National Association of Manufacturers.[16]
Martha N. Johnson, head of the General Services Administration, fired two top GSA officials and then resigned herself after it was revealed that $822,000 had been spent in Las Vegas on a four-day training conference for 300 GSA employees. (2010)

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