In what state did the first Walmart open? – 2017


In what state did the first Walmart open?


In 1962, Sam Walton opened the first Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas. Spelled “Wal-Mart” at the time, the store quickly took off, opening 24 locations across that state by 1967 before finally setting up its first non-Arkansas locations in 1968. The chain expanded quickly, acquiring Mohr-Value stores in 1977 and rebranding that franchise’s shops under the Walmart name. As of 2016, there were 5,229 Walmart stores located throughout the U.S. Source: Walmart, Business Ideas Lab

Arkansas is a southern U.S. state bordering the Mississippi River. It’s known for its abundant park and wilderness areas, with terrain encompassing mountains, caves, rivers and hot springs. The rugged Ozarks region in its northwest has hiking trails and limestone caves such as Blanchard Springs Caverns. Its capital, Little Rock, hosts the Clinton Presidential Center, housing Bill Clinton’s presidential archives.

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