J.R. Smith’s epic defensive fail goes viral – 2017


J.R. Smith’s epic defensive fail goes viral

J.R. Smith will pick friendship over defense every time

Last May, Tyronn Lue raised a few eyebrows by proclaiming J.R. Smith — the famously flighty and monstrously mercurial shooting guard who never met a shoelace he didn’t dream of untying or a contested jumper he didn’t absolutely love — the “best defensive player” on last year’s Cleveland Cavaliers. I’m not so sure Ty will be singing the same tune after Tuesday night’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks, which featured perhaps the most quintessentially J.R.-y play of all time.

In the storied history of explanations for why you wandered off to go hug somebody while the other team was dribbling the ball up the court, perhaps none has ever rung as true or so satisfactorily answered the question as J.R. Smith muffle-dissembling through a ski mask the sentences, “Oh, I didn’t even know I was in the game. My bad.”


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