James bobo fay health | is bobo sick | bobo finding bigfoot weight loss – 2017


james bobo fay health | is bobo sick | bobo finding bigfoot weight loss

Has James “Bobo” Fay lost weight? Not to be rude, but on “The Booger Hole” episode, he looks thinner, and seems weak, like he’s been sick. – Netizen

Squatcher on Finding Bigfoot. Commercial Fisherman, Pretty Boy!
James Fay is commonly, if not almost exclusively, known to the world as “Bobo.” The origins of that name are shrouded in mystery, as is much of Bobo’s life, but it seems to have been born from a variation of the name, “Jimbo,” derived from the nick name “Jim.” Whatever the genesis, Bobo is his functional moniker today.

Today, Bobo makes a living as a commercial fisherman out of Eureka, CA. He continues to take odd jobs in unrelated fields, most of which are centered around trying to see a bigfoot. His close relationship with the community in which he lives helps him keep his “ear to the ground,” and he collects dozens of local bigfoot sighting reports each year.

James “Bobo” Fay:
The field caller was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California, and has been interested in bigfoot since the 1980s. The tallest and burliest member of the team, he is the one most often used to stand in for bigfoot in reconstructions. Fay is known for his “Keep it squatchy” hat, and often wears other bigfoot-related attire. He and Barackman are close friends and searched for Bigfoot together before the series started. In 2014, Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia met Fay at Fenway Park before a game and gave him an autographed baseball bat with a Sasquatch logo on the bottom of it.

bobo finding bigfoot weight loss

Bono..Good to see you!! It also is looking like some changes were made …people see your weight loss and appearance changes..please..are You ok?? People aren’t just -consort- they Care!!

Put on your bathing suits….We’re Jumping The Shark. ..in beautiful Hawai’i !!! I’ll be Live tweeting at @squatcher as soon as the game is over.

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Got to see my good friend James "Bobo" Fay today. He's normally out Finding Bigfoot but today he came to see us perform at the One Love Cali Roots Festival in Long Beach. #longbeachduballstars #findingbigfoot #rasmg

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