Kristen wiig and will ferrell golden globes skit youtube video transcript – 2017

kristen wiig and will ferrell golden globes skit youtube video transcript

Kristen wide
it is our distinct honor

to be presenting tonight in the category of Best Performance by an actress in a
motion picture comedy or musical
and this year the Golden Globes has asked if each presenter would watch all
of the films in their category to have an appreciation of these amazing
performances which I did I totally watch them did you
yeah so it’s only five melons it’s only five films so you just watch it down
your Papa many watching it’s not a big deal no big deal
oh my gosh and wow these performances
oh my god the
performances the
family bloodline family planning permission
in the Yemen Emily black always boy you know all beautiful always amazing when
the salmon or coming out
and the bundle when the bad guy with the bad guy comes and the sand was like and
you doing yeah
you’re in yeah man
and Julie dance
where did she come from I
unknown amazing be a police officer and her first movie personally Best Exotic
Marigold Hotel and I he comes in down and she’s on that tractor and i’m
american or zone everywhere
and then she comes in at once you know that she looked at the boundary but
she’s like that you
you get out of here get out
Jennifer Lawrence oh my gosh wonderful orange a la la game over
and the Civil War I thought it was an animated film that she’s like why didn’t
she said that tall may try to take it and she said no that’s my cookbook yes
she comes in and she oh she likes you
get out
get out she gets mad he said in the coordinates and hard and no one knows
what the award it is and it’s ambiguous and you’re like you think you know what
it is and then that guy comes and he’s like I think I know what it is but he
what does that say you don’t Muriel Muriel Muriel street
Hope Springs and she on the sassy share
that’s sheriff Hope Springs and that accident and that old in that town until
she comes down the horns and I won’t force you must see when she looks at the
town anymore
you get you get it
once again here in the nominees from salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Emily Blunt from the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel judi dench from silver
linings playbook
Jennifer Lawrence from quartet
Maggie Smith
from hope springs Merrill street
amazing yeah we did none of those clips look familiar to me

Golden Globe goes to Jennifer Lawrence
it’s set

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