Lady Gaga-inspired glitter glam Super Bowl makeup tutorial – 2017

Lady Gaga-inspired glitter glam Super Bowl makeup tutorial

0:00hey guys so today I’m doing a tutorial of course on Lady Gaga at the 50th Super
0:05Bowl when she sang the national anthem when that camera flew by and I saw a
0:12spark of red which was her suit
0:15I already felt like that was the greatest moment of my life when I saw
0:19that spark of red
0:20I went yes Queen lady gaga killed it
0:24lady gaga was so amazing i was so proud of her and when she blinked and we all
0:29saw that beautiful glittery red lid my Twitter bombarded with tweets asking for
0:35requests and I just died
0:37i drooled a little and today I’m here to do the look for ya
0:41surprisingly enough i think this look is perfect for valentine’s day or for like
0:44clubbing on Valentine’s Day

0:46it’s just a really cool glittery look anyways without any further ado if you
0:51would like to know how to get this lady gaga makeup look right here
0:54then keep watching alright so the first thing you want to do is prime and today
0:59I’m going from my becca backlight priming filter because i want to glow
1:03like a super bowl
1:05national anthem star for my nose and chin i need a little bit more of a prime
1:13for that i’m using the Bekaa ever Mac parlous priming perfect
1:26firm foundation today I’m going to go for a ride or die and make up for ever
1:29ultra foundation sticks because they’re my favorite so I’m lasting 120 on the
1:35outer perimeter of my face and 117 on the inner
1:56and with my trusty Beauty Blender I’m going to blend it all in
2:10for concealer I’m going for the cabinet quan central skin enhancer in sx a one
2:16and lightning it a little bit using my krylon TV pin stick in
2:28and again blaming that in using my Beauty Blender and i’m going to bake
2:41using mine are soft velvet loose powder in snow
2:56i’m priming my eyelids using Mac soft ochre Paint Pot
3:04work max of vanilla eyeshadow i’m just setting my crease of Robin area to get a
3:10completely met and easier to blend later on we need a little bit of transition in
3:16that crease so first i’m going in with makeup cosmetics peach smoothie and
3:21softly blending this into the crease using a mac 224 brush
3:38now for some depth of hiding Showtime also by making because medals to the lid
3:42and the crease and I’m first using this naked studio number 17 brush to lay the
3:48color down
4:00and with a Cosette d 2 20 brush I’m just softly blending it into the crease
4:20and with these a waiver to 40 brush i’m also applying it to the lower lash I
4:24know about halfway in for the inner corner i’m highlighting with a mixture
4:34of max think pink and nylon eyeshadow and applying this using the light
4:40portion of my cavity shade + light eye brush
4:46ok now comes the fun part but also the hardest part
4:50the glitter and what I did was just go a little bit above my natural crease and I
4:55did give it a little bit of a shape at the outer corner just to lift the I a
4:59little bit more a trick is when you’re not doing this on camera
5:02lean forward with your face while looking down and then pack that glitter
5:07on and that way you will have the least amount of fallout as an adhesive today
5:11i’ll be using the lit clearly liquid glitter base and the Glitter i’ll be
5:15using it’s also by lit and this is firecracker number for the first laying
5:20that bass down and going right over top with the glitter
5:36and if you feel like the glitter is not fully opaque there’s this amazing
5:44pigment by illamasqua called berber and i’ll use that to fill up any holes can
5:54always use a fan to dry the glitter a little bit quicker so you will not get
5:59any creases in it
6:00now all you want to do is finish off with some lashes and i’m using the hood
6:05of beauty Maryland the goggles cheeks looked very sculpted and glowy and
6:17supernatural flushed so wrong so I’m going to contract today using my cabinet
6:24one sculpting cutter in medium and my morphe and 5 30 brush going to do a
6:38little quick with of baking
6:42I mean it’s got you want to look
6:45sculpted remember the day she had horns and right after brushing it away again
6:53this was just to clean up the contour little for highlighter today I’m again
6:57going to take crushed pearl by Anasazi beverly hills and my morphe m310 brush
7:02my favorite also highlighting the tip of my nose & mckellips ball
7:15Oh cute
7:20and for watched a little bit of mac speeches and cause that number to brush
7:27and spring a little bit of makeup forever missed em fix to set this entire
7:42all right for lips going to go for something nude and flattering because
7:51there’s so much going on in here in this portion of the face
7:55so you want to keep this portion of the face a little bit more wearable
7:59I hate that word no kidding that suffers are going in with a mac lipstick called
8:04kinda sexy and I’m aiming to words more of the outer parts of my lips and going
8:10in with a lighter color after
8:20alright so kind of sexy is on and now you want to go in with a lighter color
8:24and for me that will be a myth
8:27my mac and now you can wear a gloss over top of but I feel like God’s lips were a
8:35little bit more shiny vs glossy so I’m perfectly fine with this and that guy’s
8:40concludes this lady gaga at the 50th Super Bowl national anthem moment
8:46inspired makeup tutorial look video
8:50yeah I hope you enjoy it for a full list of every single product mentioned and
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8:59you can follow me on Twitter Instagram Facebook and snapchat that all is making
9:03tutorials as always if you enjoyed watching this video then please don’t
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9:10thank you so much for watching i love you
9:13and hopefully I will see you guys on Wednesday but yeah my tried-and-true
9:18dude that what people say a little bit
9:23hey guys and welcome to today’s tutorial which is totally inspired by valentine’s
9:29day I wanted to do a classic Valentine’s Day look but with the twist
9:33so instead of going for that penalty red lip and the black liner
9:37I went for its much that glittery pink eyeliner a little bit of elongation on
9:42the inner corners a beautiful match
9:44red lip and glowy skin to seduce no date if you have a Valentine state and it’s
9:50the first time you’re meeting make sure you go swimming just show how impressed
9:53with your makeup skills are because it seems always want to do nowadays on the
9:57first date is go swimming
9:58you know what bitch you take me swimming because i have my waterproof makeup
10:02setting spray income for my face
10:04we good we got this space on forever

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