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Liza Koshy wikipedia

Liza Koshy, the self-proclaimed “Little Brown Girl” is one of YouTube’s fastest rising stars. In a little over a year she’s gained 7M subscribers and counting using her relatable and physical sense of humor. In her most recent video, Liza fights her foreign “cousin” Helga for the rights to her boyfriend.


Just a little brown girl with big dreams. New videos every Wednezzzday with Lizzza!

0:00oh she’s not answering any of my calls
0:06where I employees my boss man out of
0:11class baby and I’m how they’re still not
0:16oh god oh my god oh all
0:22hey guys what if you’re alive with human
0:24action costume back to my youtube
0:26channel today i’m going to be talking to
0:28my cousin house you’ll like what I will
0:30give me your concept we’ve got look
0:32related there’s no resemblance at all so
0:34I went on my Twitter and ask you guys we
0:37have the left getting to it what do you
0:39think but first we’ll handle it for a
0:41question what did you do the first week
0:43you came to America baby what let me
0:46finish my sentence they lose an eye out
0:49I’m em off where did you meet your
0:51ex-husband family reunion why you look
0:54so much like life are you calling me
0:57ugly 43 next question how do you plan on
0:59baking David your new husband and you
1:01get like that out of the picture that
1:04question how have you haven’t done
1:06anything legal and not what is the
1:09fourth love April have knock-on 1970
1:12class floor evil that was been here like
1:15good-sized he was so delicious top as if
1:17you coming to this country was just no I
1:20came on and how bout what do you guys
1:22just better question how do you like
1:26kids of course that’s why I picked that
1:28whoever my supposed to be what is your
1:30accent is sent my incentive smell like a
1:34strawberry farm and without the orbit or
1:37justified except i’ll go
1:39what is your favorite band Robert are
1:41you afraid of Donald Trump background
1:44because of my background I’m not sure
1:46what you all have a question how that
1:49thoughts on what
1:50yes why is it so play and that I dare
1:53you to do an impression of life
1:54oh ok hey guys the girl is confidential
1:58come on i was way too obnoxious also i
2:01did the device that why is PE yellow
2:04well you can tell the difference
2:06queen bee and water that question if you
2:08could be a bird what would it be all
2:10happiness even if you got not okay
2:13what was your first thought about life
2:15very cute
2:16oh boy it’s ok that question what is
2:19your favorite country can be on the wood
2:22i guarantee the great call
2:23horrible-looking god it’s like next
2:30question where is your husband which one
2:32interesting question here would you
2:33rather be hungry and live forever or
2:36attractive and died in you
2:38oh my God my God food diet you always ok
2:42what do you think for you also said
2:43you’re basically gonna have a be asked
2:45what do you think about the fourth of
2:47July like this one of july advance when
2:49Americans throw around explosives to
2:51celebrate Independence Hall they don’t
2:52like celebrating independence of airport
2:55the question how are you nico orderly
2:57who i am and legal-like legal and
3:00vehicle like you’re a legal illegal
3:02again later after i got talent is the
3:05weirdest thing you’ve seen Americans do
3:07when they see in the blinky well by the
3:09same caliber that point who is held his
3:12ex husband who is it other than go which
3:14animals you like that baby talk about
3:17what age did you first start wearing
3:19clothes one needs legal
3:21ap so that is all i have for you guys
3:23today wait what
3:24oh yeah that’s all we have for you guys
3:26today and I’m feel so much for watching
3:28just wanted to do the outro you walk you
3:31enjoyed this really all I know you’ll be
3:33and i am yeah seems to be the please
3:35make sure to give this video a big
3:36fingers up because i am flawed and and
3:39American and very proud to be given and
3:41that’s right keep whole life don’t have
3:43to be scared okay
3:48you left yeah i don’t think i got was a
3:56small blinking wheel
3:58ok what I have to collect dust because I
4:01think life was recording a youtube video
4:03how about we build a house
4:05ok I think she’s recording to do we want
4:07to go outside and have a really long
4:09yes off i don’t like that I’ve you know
4:16just don’t use that word what I think
4:21that’s right
4:24oh I don’t really good life lessons with


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