Lychee – mysterious killer fruit – 2017


Lychee – mysterious killer fruit

Killer fruit? Lychee cause of mysterious disease that plagued Indian town

Every year since 1995, a mystery illness has plagued the town of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, India.

Killer fruit?
Researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and India’s National Centre for Disease Control compared test results of children who had developed the mysterious illness, and children who had not.

Muzaffarpur, Bihar, is the largest lychee farming region in India.
According to the study, parents reported that children in the affected villages spent most of the day eating lychees from the surrounding orchards, often returning home in the evening “uninterested in eating a meal.”

‘Unidentified genetic differences’
The Indian government issued a statement Wednesday advising children to henceforth “minimize litchi fruit consumption” in affected areas, and eat an evening meal during the “outbreak period.”

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