Miss world 2016 question and answer – 2017


miss world 2016 question and answer

0:00alright welcome back to miss world
0:04wanting 16 ladies it’s time to face your
0:09final question so Miss Kenya you can
0:12come join me please hear from ya doing
0:19face this way take the mike

0:23what can we do to improve education in
0:27the world
what we can do to improve
0:30education in the world obviously begins
0:34with empowering every child to
0:37understand that education is important
0:40and Nelson Mandela said that it is the
0:43weapon that a child can use to face the
0:46future so first let’s educate our
0:49parents that education is important and
0:52then we shall have all children on board
0:54to achieve their dreams
1:00therefore miss Kenya
1:02beautiful beautiful i can be joined by
1:05mr. 43 go here from his partner Rico
1:07alright how you feeling are you good
1:11I’m getting all right here’s a question
1:14thank you my question ease you have an
1:17opportunity to change something about
1:19the world what would it be
if i had the
1:24opportunity to change something about
1:26the world i think what i would do is
1:30send the message of how important it is
1:32to change exclusion for acceptance to
1:36promote and provide justice for others
1:39and the importance of helping those in
1:42thank you Jameson Eva safer miss
1:53okay are you feeling I’m so grateful but
1:57it’s the right thing okay here’s my
2:00question is how would you convince
2:02others to help their communities
how to
2:08convince others is have to start from
2:11myself first then to start with love
2:14then other people could see our sensor
2:18and they can inspire on how what we do
2:21and then can continue and share it to
2:26others again and then one word can be
2:28one and can inspire all the world with
2:33love thank you give us an integer this
2:40to me given Republic I feeling
2:44never nervous it’s okay you’re gonna do
2:47great gonna do great in my my question

2:51is what do you think we should be
2:54teaching the next generation about
2:56protecting our planet

2:59I think we should be teaching our next
3:03generation to protect our planet
3:05this is the only one we have we shall
3:07protect mother areas we shall be
3:11together and encourage communities and
3:14can contribute with making campaigns and
3:18so people can collect their trash we
3:21have already global warming we cannot
3:24stop it but weakening Hayes
3:27opportunities to make it better
3:35ok miss philippines
3:38last and certainly not least
3:41how are you yeah yeah like let’s get to
3:44business online
3:47thank you my question is which qualities
3:50do you think it will take to wear my

3:53I think first of all it takes bravery to
3:59be in this world is to carry a burning
4:02torch it is Zac action carried out by 12
4:05illuminate the lives of many and I would
4:08dedicate my whole self my love for the
4:11Arts and my voice to trying to uplift
4:16empower and educate people and it would
4:20be my greatest honor and duty to hold
4:22this torch high enough so that all the
4:25world could feel and see it’s light
4:37there you have it
4:45they’re excited are you excited after
4:48the break we’re going to say goodbye to
4:50miss world 2015 mira Laguna

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