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mtv white guys video | mtv white guys youtube transcript

0:00a fellow white guys it’s about to be a
0:02new year and is a few things we think
0:03you could do a little bit better in 2017
0:08first off try to recognize that America
0:11was never great for anyone who wasn’t a
0:14white guy can we all just agree that
0:16black lives matter isn’t the opposite of
0:17all lives matter black lives just matter
0:20there’s no need to overcomplicate it
0:22also blue large matter isn’t a thing
0:24possible ball with blue skin right i
0:28mean yeah they want full on blue stop
0:31bragging about being woke stop saying
0:33work learn what man’s planning is and
0:35then stop doing it

0:36oh and if you’re a judge don’t
0:38prioritize the well-being of an Ivy
0:39League athlete over the woman he
0:41assaulted we all love Beyonce thank ya
0:44shes black so of course she cares about
0:46black issues i’m talking to you about
0:49the news
0:50feel free to take on us though you guys
0:52can happen you know what you did
0:54nobody who has black friends says that
0:57they have black friends and just because
0:59you have black friends doesn’t mean
1:00you’re not races to be racing the black

1:03look guys we know nobody’s perfect but
1:05honestly could do a little better in
1:072017 some of you guys do a great job
1:10some of you don’t please because 2016 is
1:13bad day 17 can’t be worse than this
1:16alright because this is back

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