Old market crossword clue – 2017

old market crossword clue

AGORA old market

The Fruit, Meat and Vegetable Market of Athens

Athens Dimotiki AgoraThere are three Agoras in downtown Athens. One is the Ancient Agora where the Thission building is, below the Acropolis and the hill of Areospagos. Then there is the Roman Agora near the Tower of the winds in the Plaka. Both have been closed for centuries though tourists can pay an admission fee and walk the ancient streets where Socrates and Plato used to walk, and see remnants of the ancient stoas, buildings and statues.

But the Agora on Athinas Street, otherwise known as the Athens Dimotiki Agora (Public Market) or Varvakios Agora is my favorite of the three and even when I am not shopping (how much meat and fish can you cook when you live in a hotel room?) I seem to get energized walking around. To me the Varvakios Market is the most exciting place in Athens and I can’t recall a trip to Greece that I did not take a walk through the covered streets.

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