One last thing: Kids talk gender – 2017


One last thing: Kids talk gender

In conjunction with its recent issue, National Geographic asked 9-year-olds around the world for their honest opinions on being a boy or girl. Their answers will make you smile, laugh and maybe even cry.

0:00my name is healthy can’t be sacked I’m
0:03nine years old tune in to also look man
0:05I like you man died many years old
0:08the best thing about being boys like a
0:10boy be very sporty the best thing being
0:13a girl it’s nick is because that girls
0:17can do a little bit more things than
0:18boys can get the Hat is 11-1 come on
0:23Kelly the best thing about being a girl
0:26is now I don’t have to pretend to be a
0:28boy again
0:3111 on before I transitioned I was just
0:33pretending to be a boy but now I’m a
0:35girl and I’m more happier when ya wanna
0:39know the worst thing about being the
0:42girl is that you just can’t bc that boys
0:47can do the worst thing about being a
0:49boys are on their armpits like it kind
0:53of bothers me how they live there was
0:55not one girl president left now go on
1:02the one thing i wish i could do when i
1:06can because i’m a girl is try to get a
1:11text Photoshop promise you know God’s
1:15I can’t be treated like I wanted to talk
1:19shows on once i had a great laps a
1:23sample you can do see it was killer legs
1:27when you’re finished if I was ago my
1:32life a bloody engine
1:34god I wouldn’t be one of those fancy
1:35girls on just me like a tomboy the hell
1:38comes in your face it could be ready
1:41already a dating with the known and the
1:44boys you but not going for it back again
1:48within your crap if I was a girl i’d
1:52have to be Barbies open yeah
1:55motherfucker and will be with a boy
1:58games and my boss Triple movie figures
2:02not something that makes me sad is
2:05thinking of my dad got I used to go to
2:10my dad’s house and then one day he left
2:12me on the porch
2:14I got fully before who and then after
2:19that I never saw just push me against
2:22the wall then let the dosing sorry
2:27and after autumn husband and that
2:31nothing on my doorman your heart of
2:34ledges looking at solutions immediately
2:37like if i can change one of the world I
2:40would stop people from bowling will get
2:42anybody to know about him I wouldn’t i
2:45would make the roads able to fit for
2:49cars so there would be less traffic and
2:52I had I had he and I and ozone month
2:55little simple thats hanging in my room
2:59ok i’ll check again a little sugar I
3:02would not change anything because i like
3:04what i have and what
3:05don’t have a chocolate house I would
3:08never in that house and I want you to
3:10that we did so you have to appreciate
3:12what you have then what you don’t have
3:16when i drop I want to be a professional
3:18legal huh
3:20the first Indian president want to be a
3:23Navy Seal and have everyone back bad and
3:29i’m in column gets a professor of a
3:32savage to boo me that I want to be a
3:39thank her or a computer like genius got
3:44we seem to the dish Pete I am going to
3:51help kids have good teeth not have
3:55cavities right
4:05what can go up but never come down the
4:08answered each because you can grow but
4:11you cannot get smaller
4:15they say better sounds like bitter
4:21and I
4:30what do you think about what what should
4:38the chickens way the anthers reebok book
4:54the boring
5:11how many photos we take three Andre dad
5:18and I think it’s like sort of like 420
5:21in that range

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