PUERTO RICO – Stephanie del Valle Díaz Introduction: Miss World 2016 Youtube Transcript – 2017


0:06if you believe it you can achieve it
0:09hello Bonjour
0:14my name is funny the budget
0:17what did he want
0:19being the ambassador for my country in
0:21this world international pageant is an
0:24honor and a great responsible

0:29let me show you the beauty of my island
0:32as I share my story with you
0:34representing portico fills my heart with
0:38in this beautiful tropical paradise
0:41where distinguished men and women in the
0:44fields of science literature art music
0:46have been born I became Who I am a woman
0:50that is visionary optimistic determine
0:53and Brazil all traits to describe the
0:58as the youngest of three growing up with
1:01teenage sibling
1:03me the advantage of learning about other
1:04generations i live in gratitude for the
1:08blessings of having amazing parents in a
1:10family that cherishes values in
1:13tradition at the age of four I became a
1:16member of the prestigious stand one
1:18children’s choir this experience helped
1:22me discover my passion for the
1:24especially music this same passion has
1:29given me the tools for mine video with a
1:31purpose project a choir of angels a
1:34therapy program based on music which
1:37serves as an alternative treatment for
1:39babies with down syndrome to achieve
1:41wellness and improve their lives the
1:48greatness of my people places rhythms
1:50and the blending of cultures in particle
1:53has influenced me since the day I was
1:55born as a porter bien that being having
1:58the privilege to pursue my Higher
2:00Education in new york city has opened my
2:03eyes and sparked my curiosity in finding
2:05out more about how to connect with other
2:07people experiencing the diversity of
2:11generations and cultures found in new
2:13york city has been amazing
2:17I realize that being true to myself and
2:20doing what I believe gives you peace the
2:23most important lesson during my ear as
2:25Miss World War technical
2:28without judging and with compassion you
2:31ensure fairness
2:35the experience
2:36they have strengthened my game helped me

2:39face any job
2:40concord and move closer to my
2:43bringing value reply girls and helping
2:46those who are in me is how I want to
2:48always be remembered
2:52my story my island and my people is a
2:54meal basically mucho amor ni siento
3:01I’m stepping on budget Miss World Court
3:08remember if you believe it you can
3:13achieve it
3:14see you all in Washington easy

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