Rapping With Only Z Words (Try and say this!) – 2017

Rapping With Only Z Words (Try and say this!)

0:00if you can trade this so it’s a machine
0:09at me like some keepers never figured
0:11out the GV 650 km exactly two children
0:14are suicidal suggest that held up the
0:16consumer color different sub 0 epsilon
0:18teachers super sampangi mixture forms no
0:21interrupting excited for women who
0:23didn’t go to gelatin can tack on campus
0:25you get 0 back your faculty no question
0:27for the food getting these rockets for
0:30couple guys with that chipotle it’s not
0:31too big a killer was right for it was a
0:33sucker boy superstition partyland watch
0:36zoolander outside years that said maybe
0:38not Santa Barbara right here pretty dude
0:40I’ve been shot before and I rising
0:43beyond 50 caliber BTW example put the
0:46words / GF want to travel ship is
0:48entrepreneur award to get too close to
0:51him I’m answer i think i just ran out of
0:59that was hard

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