Ro shows us how to make adorable sweet treats for game day – 2017


Ro shows us how to make adorable sweet treats for game day

Published on Jan 28, 2017
To celebrate the Super Bowl I made some fun and easy DIY football themed treats! Which team are you cheering for this year?
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Football Field Cookies
* (3) Cups All Purpose Flour:
* (3/4) Cup Almond Meal:
* (2) Large Eggs
* (2) Sticks Salted Butter
* (1-1/2) Cup Sugar:
* (1-1/2) Teaspoon Vanilla Extract:
* (1/2) Teaspoon Almond Extract:
* (1/8) Teaspoon Salt:
* (1/2) Teaspoon Grated Nutmeg:
* (1) Teaspoon Baking Powder:
* (2-3/4”) Square Cookie Cutter:
* (1) Bag Rainbow Nonpareil Sprinkles:
* (1) Bag Green Royal Icing:
* (1) Bag White Royal Icing:

Fudge Football Brownies
* (1/2) Cup Vegetable Oil:
* (1/3) Cup Whole milk
* (1) Cup plus (2) Tablespoons Sugar:
* (1) Egg
* (1/2) Cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder:
* (1/2) Cup All Purpose Flour:
* (1/4) Teaspoon Baking Powder:
* (1/4) Teaspoon Salt:
* (1) Teaspoon Vanilla Extract:
* (3”) Football Shaped Cookie Cutter:
* (1) Bag White Royal Icing:

Penalty Flags
* (1) Container Lollipops:
* (1) Package Yellow Paper Napkins:
* (1) Spool Yellow Ribbon:

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0:00hey guys it’s well super bowl is
0:02approaching and I’ve been getting so
0:03many requests from you guys to make some
0:05new football themed treats I want making
0:08treats to celebrate and today we’re
0:10going to be making a 3d I football tree
0:13i’m excited for the Super Bowl this year
0:15i love watching the game and i really
0:17like the creative commercial again the
0:19halftime shelf and I gotta be honest I
0:21love watching the puppy bowl so we could
0:24you will be checking out the puppy bowl
0:25let me know in the comments below if you
0:27also like to do it into the ball home i
0:30also got cookie week uted festive
0:32sweater to wear while watching the puppy
0:35bowl Vicki old one still it is i felt
0:39this team with all phones letters for
0:41the online-only this cute look at her he
0:44would because like the world football
0:45oh no we got a fumble skinnier an early
0:48flag no dogs on McCann our panel
0:50reflagged penalty flag
0:52alright without further ado and let’s
0:54make some DIY football treat the first
0:57street that we’re going to be making are
0:58these football field cookies
1:00the things you will need it will be
1:02three cups of all-purpose flour 3 4 cup
1:05of almond meal few large egg 26 some
1:07salted butter which is eight ounces
1:09one-and-a-half cups of sugar there’s one
1:11and a half teaspoon of vanilla extract a
1:13teaspoon of almond extract a teaspoon of
1:16salt properties Buddha freshly grated
1:18nutmeg 1 teaspoon of baking powder and a
1:21square cookie cutter i’m using one that
1:24is few and 34 inches men for decoration
1:27will need rainbow nonpareil sprinkles
1:29green royal icing that it was the number
1:31two tips and white royal I think that it
1:33was the number one and two dip we’re
1:35going to be using both sides to decorate
1:38the first thing that we’re going to do
1:39in a medium bowl whisk together our
1:41flour almond meal baking powder nutmeg
1:44and salt whisk together until well
1:47combined and set off to the side now in
1:50a large bowl cream together your butter
1:52and sugar i’m gonna be using a hand
1:54mixer and using a spatula to scrape down
1:57the sides
1:57as meeting once the mixture of the light
2:00and fluffy have your eggs one other time
2:03mixing between over we’re going to be
2:05using the whole egg yolk and wait
2:08lastly for our wet ingredients are going
2:09to add our vanilla and almond extract
2:12and mix here we’ve got our flour mixture
2:14in our butter mixture and now it’s time
2:17for combining them i like before half of
2:19my flour into the butter mixture mix it
2:21up and then for the other half to make
2:23it a little bit easier and less messy
2:25when you’re no is ready
2:27pika spatula cut it in half I’m just
2:29eyeballing it
2:31Oh a fairy badge Allah doesn’t fall
2:36apart narrow she signed into a disk and
2:40wrap it up tight in some flu safe
2:42plastic wrap
2:43now we’ll pop these in the fridge to do
2:44I’m going to be feeling me for one hour
2:46but you can leave them in for 24 hours
2:49no better go had plenty of time to chill
2:51and it’s terrible for some baking player
2:53i’m going to sink a little bit of flour
2:55under the surface so that our dough
2:57doesn’t stick your other kind of the
3:00flower bay
3:02ok nevermind here we go to get the movie
3:12we recognize this is from the new get
3:14home video becomes perfectly as a good
3:17weight on it i feel like nazy statement
3:19right here getting those baking guns and
3:22roll it out to about a quarter inch
3:24thick all the dishes nine so news were
3:28you made for me know k square cookie
3:31cutter and cut the sheet into do pick it
3:33up places over onto a baking sheet lined
3:36with the piece of parchment paper
3:37I don’t want to crowd my cookies so I’m
3:39only going to be baking it looks on the
3:41baking sheet halftime believes that
3:43these are ready the baking your oven to
3:45350 degrees and bake for about 12 to 13
3:49minutes just look at these out of the
3:51oven given plenty of time to cool and
3:53now it’s time for my favorite part
3:55it’s time to decorate we’ve got our
3:57green onion why
3:59royal icing with a bunch of our rainbow
4:02sprinkles not like super bowl first step
4:05using the green royal icing we’re going
4:07to pipe a rectangle and the center of
4:09our cookie and that’s going to be the
4:11field what the rectangle outline sit for
4:13a few minutes to allow them to set then
4:16you feel when the rectangle on your
4:17cookie with hear anything which is
4:19called flooding once the green icing has
4:22set you want to be dry to touch going to
4:25pipe few white rectangles above and
4:28below the green rectangle using the
4:30number to get while the icing is still
4:33what we’re going to sprinkle on top are
4:35rainbow non-hairy LOL i like to do this
4:37over the bowl because it could be a
4:38little messy

4:39we’re going to do this on both sides of
4:41the cookie and it’s supposed to look
4:42like all of the people in the stadium
4:44who came to see the game now for the
4:46final decorations that we are going to
4:48be anything from last details with our
4:50white royal icing with our number-one
4:52clip I’m going to be piping a bunch of
4:54lines onto the green to the flight yard
4:57lines and the last part is totally
4:59optional but i’m going to type a little
5:0150-yard learning and a 40-yard line
5:04you can do whatever you’d like meeting
5:06you here are the adorable football field
5:08could use that we made love how these
5:10came out I’ve gotta say I think maybe
5:12one of the cutest cookies that I’ve made
5:14this year I’m sorry Crosby ball because
5:20the next street that we’re going to be
5:22making are these studies football
5:23brownies this brownie recipes from the
5:25nerdy nummies cookbook nothing you’ll
5:27need will be half a cup of vegetable oil
5:29very couple home LC 1 cup plus 2
5:32tablespoons of sugar 1 egg 1 third cup
5:35of unsweetened cocoa powder half a cup
5:37of all-purpose flour and force the
5:39pieces of baking powder for the teaspoon
5:42of salt and 1 teaspoon of vanilla
5:43extract and a football shaped cookie
5:46cutter i’m using one that’s about three
5:48inches long
5:49many for decoration you’ll need from
5:50white royal icing fitted with a number
5:52few kits the first thing that we’re
5:54going to do to make our brownies in a
5:55medium-sized bowl we are going to whisk
5:57together our dry ingredients or sugar
5:59cocoa powder flour so in baking powder
6:02with together toes well combined
6:04now for our wet ingredients we are going
6:06to add milk boiled egg and now on to our
6:10dry ingredients and mix together once
6:12well welcome behind over here i have
6:14grief and whined with a piece of
6:17parchment paper and feet by 8 inch pan
6:20now pour in all of the brownie batter me
6:24if your pan a little shake to allow it
6:27to spread evenly on the bottom brownies
6:29are ready to bake you’re going to think
6:30your oven to 350 degrees and bake for
6:33about 35 to 40 minutes because the
6:36Burmese out of the oven and pop them out
6:38of the pan onto a piece of parchment
6:40paper i also flip them upside down so
6:43that the smooth bottom is on the top and
6:45this is because when we use a little
6:47football cookie cutter to cut out our
6:50football it’s less likely to crack the
6:52brownie crest on top which is one of my
6:55favorite things about brownies that
6:56light press from the stuff that forms on
6:59the path of me
7:01everybody on the bottom yeah and now for
7:05the vital stuff it is time to evacuate
7:06my favorite part over here I’ve got the
7:09white royal icing in a piping bag with a
7:11number to decorating tip we’re gonna
7:14paint the football leases on top
7:16I like to start at the end making little
7:18semi circles kind of looks like a smile
7:20on each end
7:21lastly add some places in the middle so
7:24cute when you’re going to do this to the
7:26rest of your brownies video here all the
7:28funny football brownies that we made
7:30I absolutely love this recipe i love
7:33brownies and this recipe is the perfect
7:35blend for me it’s got enough edginess
7:38but Scott that light we crest on the top
7:41that give it a whirl much better case
7:43one gift for me
7:47mhm mhm
7:50you got for the final treat that we’re
7:54making today healthy flags with lollipop
7:58favors you will need will be your
8:00favorite kind of Louis off the yellow
8:02paper napkins and some yellow ribbon as
8:05i said before it means party favors are
8:07super easy and simple to make
8:09you just have to assemble the pieces and
8:11they’re very customizable i’m using
8:13lollipops as the waiting part of the
8:15penalty flags but you can use any kind
8:17of that you’d like you can use jelly
8:19beans or you can even get into it your
8:22favorite team color and we do Eminem’s
8:24anything that’s a weighted candy first
8:27step to assemble your penalty flag is to
8:29cut some ribbon i’m going to cut a bunch
8:30of little pieces about this big every
8:32flag will need one ribbon look at as
8:35many as you need
8:36now take your yellow napkin and
8:38completely unfolded pick up a lollipop
8:41place it in the center
8:43we’re just going to wrap find around
8:45then take a piece of ribbon wrapping
8:48around and tie a knot and you can either
8:50leave the ribbon or cut off the excess
8:52whatever you’d like
8:53there you have it our first penalty flag
8:56and it wasn’t just like the ones the
8:57refuse he hero but we call family flags
9:02that we made
9:03I love this idea for a party favor
9:06special a better party favor if you’re
9:08in a hurry they’re going to a superbowl
9:09party because if you’re hanging out and
9:12there’s like party selves you can just
9:14throw these around for example walking
9:17in front of the beanie during the
9:18halftime show party help Emily blacks
9:20accidentally meeting Mickey during the
9:25summer home party foul penalty flag
9:27changing became too soon from the pub
9:31all re-sell family blag you get the idea
9:35of these things can be super fun and
9:37super filling so here are the DIY
9:41football treats that we need to be in
9:43celebration of community provoke we made
9:46football field cookie like a so-called
9:49baronies Indians low it off penalty flag
9:52party favors
9:54I hope he’s been doing this video the
9:56recipes and the ideas i’ll be posting
9:58lots of pictures in the recipes on
10:00Regina where our facebook
10:03instagram you can check them out there
10:05and if you guys make these we take a
10:07picture incentive to be i love seeing
10:09your baking creations because we played
10:11eight weeks we happy and I hope you have
10:13a happy superbowl erase the light and if
10:16you’d like to be any other DIY football
10:18treat you can click here or here you see
10:22any need me my dancing every regulation
10:28for FL family flag

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