Rohingya people – slaughtered and raped – UN report – 2017

Hundreds of Rohingya people have been slaughtered and raped and up to 90,000 forced out of their homes by Myanmar’s military personnel, a UN report released February 3 claims.

The Rohingya people (/ˈroʊɪndʒə/, /ˈroʊhɪndʒə/, /ˈroʊɪŋjə/, or /ˈroʊhɪŋjə/) are Muslim Indo-Aryan peoples from the Rakhine State, Myanmar. According to the Rohingyas and some scholars, they are indigenous to Rakhine State, while other historians claim that the group represents a mixture of precolonial and colonial immigrations.

The official stance of the Myanmar government, however, has been that the Rohingyas are mainly illegal immigrants who migrated into Arakan following Burmese independence in 1948 or after the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971.

International media and human rights organizations have often described Rohingyas as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.

According to the United Nations, the human rights violations against Rohingyas could be termed as “crimes against humanity”.

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