Scientology and coerced abortions|who is chris shelton scientology|the scientology cure 2016 – 2017

scientology and coerced abortions | who is chris shelton scientology | the scientology cure 2016

The intersection of Scientology and abortion has a controversial history which began with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s discussion of abortion in his 1950 book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

Hubbard wrote in Dianetics that abortion and attempts at abortion could cause trauma to the fetus and to the mother in both spiritual and physical ways. Scientologists came to believe that attempted abortions could cause traumatic experiences felt by the fetus, which would later be remembered as memories referred to in Scientology as “engrams”.

In the Scientology technique called Auditing, Scientologists are frequently queried regarding their sexual feelings and behaviors. These questions about Scientologists’ sexual behavior are often posed to members during “security checks”, a specific form of auditing sessions where individuals are required to document their divergence from the organization’s ethics.

One of the questions asked in these security checks is, “Have you ever been involved in an abortion?”.

The Church of Scientology coerces women working for its central management organization into getting abortions, a disturbing new investigation from the St. Petersburg Times alleges. The two-part story profiles several former members of Scientology’s highest religious order, Sea Org, who tell stories of intimidation, isolation and forced manual labor for pregnant women who decided to continue their pregnancies. Scientology has no official position on abortion, but if these alarming allegations are true, they place the organization firmly in the anti-choice camp.
An aspiring artist and spiritual seeker joins the Church of Scientology and believes she’s finally found the path to happiness, not knowing her devotion will forever change the course of her life.

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