Taeyong scandal – 2017


taeyong scandal

It hurts me seeing him like this. Behind the smile that we’ve seen, he is having a hard time on his own. People really should get over it. He changed and tried to be better for sure. He is more mature now. I hope people can stop insulting him bc of his past bc they’re hurting this kid more than he did to his victims. People should start to see him as what he is today, not as the 13yo taeyong.

– Youtuber

It looks like Taeyong’s scandal disappointed many SM fans because most of SM have polite images. Even if he will be change there always be haters… saying your past is dirty. He have to be get over it. I am pity for him as well as SNSD Tiffany.

– Youtuber

I am pretty sure that everyone has done immature things when they were younger so why hate on someone for a mistake they made 8 years ago? I think some people need to spend time reflecting on their own actions and think about how much they have hurt him despite the fact that he is trying so hard to become a better person. It’s sad to see Taeyong hiding behind a smile stop the hate ppl because nobody is perfect

– youtuber

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