The gabbie show smells like potato chips – 2017


the gabbie show smells like potato chips

Published on Dec 7, 2016
IF IT’S REALITY TV IT MUST BE REAL. ps r any of you old enough to remember real world?

best game ever! *wink*…


the gabbie show smells like potato chips

this is the true story of five strangers
take to live in a bus work together and
have their lives taped
find out what happens when people stop
being polite and start getting real real
world would you say is the most high
maintenance person on the bus
Gabi Gabi Gabi Gabi I don’t know about
the highest maintenance because
everybody’s a little bit home but i can
tell you the lowest maintenance person
is I’m not going outside without
security there’s fans everywhere keep
repeating this one free that’s so
obnoxious it’s not going on tour
seriously every time there’s even the
smallest thing that she doesn’t like
crunchy if we don’t get smells I’m not
going on tour single-ply I’ve got going
on porn
we’re in Denver we left a week ago she’s
onto her only one water bottle of peace
I’m not going on tour if we don’t get
this interview over with i’m not going
on for daddy you’re on tour there any
romances on the tour every single guy on
this tour is in love with me i’m good
i’m asexual cross and then chachi she’s
the only other female on tour I thought
we’d bought the best friends in love
with me
I’m straight but even if I was gay yeah
seriously obsessed
they’re always all fighting over me so I
me stuff together but the next county
out what know what we had to do I’m over
it I’m looking at some even end up
battled on the first know you got the
idea Gabi they’re always trying to get
my attention but coffee in the morning
oh thanks Andrew
it’s so embarrassingly obvious how much
they love me
I literally just I don’t understand how
she doesn’t get a I am Jack and nice
video I’m gay
ok Gabi are you watching my coming out
video kiss me what’s it like being an
extra in the gabbie show
wait I’m sorry who shall you cheat
she doesn’t really think this is her
show thank you all for coming to my show
I think he’s not the gabbie show on
wheels this is to drop the mic tour
we’re all equal cast members i’m just so
so humbled and blessed to be headlining
this tour all of my backup dancers and
extras are amazing
I couldn’t ask for more in chachi and
Andy Richard jackeline oh my god wife
and the dressing room I think it’s
really nice when the fans
I’m take pictures with them because it
kind of makes them feel like they’re
part of the experience to its kind of
like charity work you know like I just
want to spread the love and just spread
the the happiness and hugs but I mean we
all know who they’re here to really see
pictures let it’s me obviously but you
know if that’s what they need then I’ll
let them do that we meet you think
you’re going to combine show it’s not
her show and I honestly stopped Sandoval
got to talk about is her subscribers
down bird or social wait up
famous she is or used views that we
Gaddy you get you Gabby literally stores
conversations with like wow so I got
some subscribers today how was your
morning and all the bragging she’s
always talking about how she had some
brands your brand deals these brand
deals never stop
honestly I don’t even know how there’s
over levels to complete fool of
yourself starting on do you think
you can beat me
probably not whoever cares about is the
best game hands down barn on in the app
store right now i’m going to leave a
link in the description below make sure
you click it and download
hey guys thanks so much for watching we
are actually on tour believe it or not
dates and tickets are in the description
below come see us it’s been an amazing
time we’ve been collecting a ton of
stuff for charity really cool make sure
to check out all their channels which
will be linked in the description below
why we hope to see you guys on Twitter
driving again
Oh forcing me to do this show we TV
because it’s what we see and what we
want we know we can’t believe we have to
learn to kill our dreams

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