This is why duke sucks – 2017


this is why duke sucks

0:00oh fuck oh shit oh shit they’re one of
0:12the ship the ship is covered one
0:18get the fuck out that’s bullshit me up
0:22pushing the fucking bullshit that’s
0:28lock him up fuck man walking up that was
0:31a fucking intentional pun shot him up i
0:34gotta do something about this
0:36I got kids take this anymore do
0:40something but bullshit
0:47yeah fucking hate just bullshit
0:51everything baby
0:53this is why you suck
0:56this is why you so this is why this is
0:58why this is why you said this is why you
1:02this is why you sir this is why this is
1:04why this is why you suck your super
1:07short so we can see your butt
1:09this is why this is where this is why
1:11you so why is every where they are when
1:14they don’t
1:15this is why this is why this is why you
1:18suck this is why you saw your coaches
1:21are right or fair either way he’s hit
1:23eaten by my cat let’s not 90 through
1:25with a bitch later it was a big shot man
1:29i don’t like it here

1:31that shot never was the same six
1:34proteins and the a career was lame
1:36another classic Korea was a blunder his
1:39only claim to fame he looks like a from
1:4116-under Redick is a fish Williams is a
1:45baby shower close your mouth I think
1:47chefs he gave you rabies
1:48you suck like to keep II was always on
1:50your nuts
1:51this is why this is why this is why you
1:54suck you suck because you cry your
1:56leaders the leg but this is why this is
1:58why this is why you saw this is why you
2:01said you would suck it right i know for
2:04a fact I might be got the tape your
2:06finger on the right hip enough for seats
2:09old as man dressing up like super freaks
2:12holding stupid signs paying only facing
2:15here and lips don’t look this ugly
2:17pictures everywhere
2:18ok looks like it love or should I think
2:20he’s dead already
2:22fix your back knee Sheldon mixture head
2:24and if you look real close
2:26koji looks like a llama you say is
2:28that’s not evil wisely rolling with
2:29Osama stop yelling at the rest you get
2:32every call and why you got to face on
2:35your balls back to the Holy girls I’m
2:38not trying to be mean but have you
2:40looked like soccer moms at 19 it storm
2:43it’s not like you and roll the joint
2:45just had a wet dream do lost my 50 .
2:48don’t try to make yourself feel better
2:49by saying more hating because you’re
2:51that good
2:52you’re just a fucking plane
2:54this like this is why you suck
2:57this is why this is why this is why you
3:00suck this is why you suck
3:02this is why you suck this is why this is
3:04why this is why you suck
3:06we have shit next year to let the moment
3:10stuck forever

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