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tomi lahren daily show youtube transcript

welcome tamil Aaron
I’m in the lion’s den I’m not a lion
that’s all that like an African thing no
welcome to the show before we get into
it I I know who you are because I my
facebook feed has you in its a lot of
people who don’t so if you don’t know
Tommy Darren this is a little taste of
her show the protesters are still out in
force but let’s be honest they’re not
protesters they’re crybabies with
nothing better to do than man around the
streets with their participation
trophies and false sense of purpose
this isn’t for Hillary i’m not even sure
this is against Trump
it’s the same thing we’ve seen time and
time again with these so-called
protesters and demonstrators it started
with the occupy wall street brats moved
on to the more militant overly
aggressive black lives matter more crowd
cycle through the DNC paid violence
instigators and now here we are in
November of with president-elect
Donald Trump and a crowd of misfit
babies form from every failed movement
also much together to become the largest
group of whiners the country has ever
alright pretty much covers it doesn’t
refer questions like why are you so
angry i’m actually not that angry it’s
just there’s things that need to be said
Trevor and a lot of people are afraid
and am in an angry way I mean you can’t
say you’re not angry and I mean this is
this is what you’re known for it’s a
strange thing to say I’m not angry but
that is the one things like Ellen saying
I don’t like dancing like yeah you do
Ellen you do
you you are angry about everything it

seems somebody will just need to be
called her you know I mean we’re not
what when you say that you’re the one in
particular thing protesting out your
fair and free election that to me you
get calling a little bit it’s time to
clear the streets it’s time to accept
reality is time to move on time to make
America great again you consider
yourself a conservative i do ok I mean
Millennials don’t really like labels but
yes I’m conservative and thought i
started my brain just gave an able to
see you don’t like neighbors but anyway
I’m we just on a spectrum going by
yourself are getting that was you that
was just funny that was just funny this
is funny moments
this is funny in terms of black lives
matter like you know you have quite a
record for somebody who is not racist
you have to spend a lot of time saying
I’m not racist
what is your biggest issue with black
lives matter i think and I’ve said this
many times
it started with good intentions i think
it was it was well-intentioned the
moment that they started pushing hands
up don’t shoot which is a false
narrative proven time and time again to
be a false narrative the minute that
became their slogan the minute that
protesting turning into riding and
looting and burning in militant actions
that’s when I lost respect for black
lives matter
ok but now here’s my thing let’s address
into each of these things one by one
when you go protesting turning into
rioting and looting that’s not a black
lives matter of phenomenon that is what
happens when there is a protest a lot of
the time there were people who writes in
lucid when teams won in Chicago years
ago it doesn’t mean that they are now
bad people that’s what happens there are
some bad people in every instance going
back to black lives matter though for
you to say that you say they have good
intentions they had the good intentions
how ru labeling out the actions of a few
and condemning an entire group because I
understand they subscribe to the black
lives matter movement they say we are
the black lives matter movement fry like
bacon F the police
there’s a few people’s these are a few
people this is not the black lives
matter protest that that is not the
platform though I saw in my my city of
dallas i saw what a black lives matter
protest look like and I saw five fallen
officers because of it so i guess that’s
not that’s not fair that’s true no no no
it is better because shooter said point
shooter said he’s doing this because of
black eyes matter

yes and there are many things you can
say I mean if you go outside you can say
anything about doing something because
of you cannot deny that the man had
mental issues as well and he was in a
tough place just because you say the
thing doesn’t mean it’s what it stands
for rights because you’re the same
person you’re the same person who argued
on your show that just because Donald
Trump has supported from the KKK doesn’t
mean his in the KKK so feels
but she the shooter said I was your
class matter has never said go out and
shoot people i’m saying you’re saying
this your audience and I honestly don’t
understand where you’re getting that
from just because a person what if
somebody says I felt emboldened by Tommy
Lehren and so I went out and shot black
people are you not responding to our
next trip it’s not one or two people if
you look at anything in every city look
at the protests that have gone in
Baltimore and Ferguson in New York City
the protests that have now turned to
anti-trump protests these are not a few
ok this mask crowds of people they’re
doing is the name of Michael Brown their
business name of Freddie gray they’re
doing it as the front of black lives
matter and the mainstream media is in
bolding these ok so then let’s use that
same logic that you using them and then
go police are the police racist because
police in many cities you look at
Baltimore you look at what happened in
New York you look at what happened the
case of walter scott you tell me a
police races because they’ve been shown
to her ass black people unfairly they’ve
been shown to shoot black people when
they’re unarmed does that mean the
police are racist them because that’s
the same logic using it’s really not
that Trevor because the ministry is not
involving them as
it’s not and did you know that a black
man is . times more likely to shoot a
police officer than a police officer is
to shoot a black man those statistics no
one wants to talk about it kids think so
so let me ask you this then if you say
as you said when you walked out I’m not
as mean as people think I’m not the
person that people think I’m what do you
wish people would understand about you
at all in another bubble what do you
wish people would understand about you
on the other side i wish that we could
disagree with each other without
thinking that we are bad people or ill
intention folks so because I criticize a
black person or criticize the black
lives matter movement that doesn’t mean
that I am anti-black it does not mean
that I don’t like black people are that
i’m a racist it means i’m criticizing
movement i criticize Colin Kaepernick
that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe
in his first amendment rights it means
that I believe in my first amendment
rights to criticize him so it doesn’t
make me a bad person it doesn’t make me
erase it
point out i mean i’ve never used racial
slurs to address people I’ve never look
down on someone because of their skin
color to me through diversity is
diversity of thought and I diversity of
I don’t see color I go for Hillary
Clinton machine you don’t you don’t see
so what do you do at traffic lights and
people say that they’re looking with you
that’s how you treat her that’s more
important you’re right it doesn’t
here’s my thing like all these points
that you make a great and I do believe
that you believe them and I don’t
believe anyone is actively trying to a
few people are trying to be bad from
their point of view but when i look at
what you’re saying you say you you’re
not pushing a racist narrative you’re
not you’re criticizing do you really
believe you’re criticizing and you’re
not my intention when you say things
like black lives matters the new kk
because you realize blacklivesmatter can
be the new kkkkkk is still around
they have not vacation their premises
and most importantly to say black lives
matter than you taking is to feel like
to really really minimize what the KKK
did and what they stand for that is not
the same thing you surely understand
dance incendiary like that feeling of
your comments you know that surely its
controversial but i think there are some
things that need to be said when the
black lives matter movement is going out
with sign saying frame like bacon at the
police when they’re going out seeing if
you see a white person target them that
is happening Trevor that happened in
Milwaukee not too long ago that is
happening so when that now becomes the
narrative and you’re starting to loot
burn and right
what did the KKK do that is not look
we’ll go around in circles
did you say one of the KKK do what did
they get one

however when you’re saying when there
are people in the street saying if you
see a white person beat their ass
does that not sound reminiscent of the
KKK where their motives to you is that
the narrative of black lives matter or
their people who are saying that within
a crowd of other human beings there is a
distinction between a movement and the
people that is something that we keep
coming back to let’s go back to what you
were saying on Nick and and the national
anthem this is this is something I don’t
understand and I when I watch your
videos i go i truly do not understand
you say Colin Kaepernick is exercising
his First Amendment rights and you’re
exercising your First Amendment rights
in criticizing him so what you’re saying
is you have the right to say anything
you want so shut up
no not at all i’m saying i don’t agree
with what he did
yeah i think that he would about the
wrong I don’t think he under the right
way when people say that I’m always
fascinated was the right way to do so
here’s a black man in America who says I
don’t know how to get a message across
if I’ve march in the streets people say
i’m a thug
if I go out and I protest people say
that it’s a riot if I been down on one
knee that’s not what is the right way
that is something I always wanted to
know what is the right way for a
coming out on our flag in our national
anthem to me but how
why would you take out your perceived
oppression of black people out on the
national anthem in our flag a country
that you live in a country that you
benefit from a country that people of
all races have died for have died to
protect have died for the boat die to be
in franchise by this nation
how do you then go and disrespect the
flag and anthem of that country
what is that the outlet well maybe
you’re a person who’s lived and read
through history and you realize that a
lot of those p

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