Trump disabled reporter debunked – 2017

trump disabled reporter debunked

0:00I don’t know what I said our I don’t
0:09and I watched the general
0:11recently on television and they said to
0:13on what do you think about Isis all ice
0:17is very tough call
0:19ice is very tough o Isis is very done
0:22somebody said that’s amazing every
0:25single debate you know I heard Ted’s a
0:28good debater I said he is a good debater
0:30but he can’t talk

0:31ok bad talker skip the better bed talker
0:33so he’s over here they asked about
0:35waterboarding they said senator Cruz
0:38what do you think of waterboarding oh I
0:41don’t want to talk about it you hated
0:42you don’t want to talk about water body
0:44because to catch your fish i’m sending
0:46myself that chopping off heads she
0:48doesn’t want to talk about what
0:53because you know the banks the banks now
0:56they can’t do anything then run by the
0:58regular in all fairness to the bank to
0:59run by the regulans when you see the
1:02president of the back i mention the word
1:03regulate ago these guys coming in to run
1:06the bags
1:07well you see the president of the back i
1:09mentioned the word regulated these guys
1:12coming around the back
1:23used to tell me the one thing that
1:25marriage was the feeling that you have
1:28to give up some of yourself that you
1:30can’t be the workaholic you are because
1:33of the demands on the nature of a
1:36yeah I don’t consider myself a
1:37workaholic I mean I work but it’s not
1:39work it’s like you I mean I love what I
1:42do so it’s not overworked it’s not like
1:44work but it worked to me is going on a
1:46two-week vacation if somebody says you
1:47have to go away for two weeks you’re
1:49going to Africa on a safari there’s not
1:51gonna be any phones you know are you get
1:53me out of here right so that’s to me
1:55like that would be work and you know I
1:57just get me out of here

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“There was one performance this year that stunned me,” she said. “It sank its hooks in my heart. Not because it was good. There was nothing good about it. But it was effective, and it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh and show their teeth.

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