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christine zimmerman missing | Death by Murder | max vollendroff killer

Unusual Suspects is an American documentary television series on Investigation Discovery. The series debuted on June 21, 2010. It showcases many of the most shocking and difficult cases in law enforcement history, and also sheds light on the investigations that led to the arrest of the culprits. On June 23 2016, the show was cancelled due to notices of termination by Discovery.

Carissa Bazler Carissa Bazler
Kristine Zimmerman
Jeff DuJardin Jeff DuJardin
Max Vollendroff


User Review: Aside from Unsolved Mysteries, Unusual Suspects is one of my favorite true crime TV shows. If Unusual Suspects can teach us anything, it is that even your quiet and seemingly harmless neighbor can be a cold-blooded murderer. Sometimes, a person’s public persona can be a stark contrast to who they truly are behind closed doors.

In fact, there are moments in the show where reenactments remind me of reenactments from the early seasons of Unsolved Mysteries, due to the look and feel. Unusual Suspects has nice production values.

When an eight-year old Ocean Shores, WA girl is found strangled to death, a local woman is instrumental in helping detectives bring the girl’s brutal killer to justice.

92 3 “Ashes to Ashes” January 24, 2016
Two weeks after the eruption of Mount St. Helens, 8-year-old Kristine Zimmerman was found fatally strangled in an isolated forrest outside Ocean Shores, Washington. Several people come forward and help police put together a timeline of Kristine’s disappearance. But a few wrong testimonies almost let the murderer get away with his crime.

Ashes to Ashes

On the afternoon of May 26th, 1980, just days after Mount Saint Helen spreads its ash over tiny Ocean Shores, WA, eight-year old Kristine Zimmerman goes out to visit a friend. She never makes it to her destination.

The close-knit community quickly organizes a search effort; within days, the search party grows to include hundreds of people. Finally, four days after she disappeared, Kristine’s strangled body is found on a remote logging road two miles northwest of town.

Detectives sort through dozens of witness statements and leads. Some implicate Kristine’s stepfather; others indicate a town loner with a lecherous penchant for children is responsible.

When investigators receive a shocking revelation from a local witness, they soon discover who abducted and killed Kristine Zimmerman.

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