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tylers leaked
Tyler Garcia Posey (October 18, 1991) is an American actor, best known for his starring role on the MTV television series Teen Wolf (2011–present). Cody Allen Christian is an American actor who plays Theo as of Season 5 on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

A hacker’s invasion of dozens of celebrity iCloud accounts, leading to the embarrassing leaking of nude photos, has lessons for us all.
There’s a list of 100 celebrity women — and one man — whose photos were supposedly downloaded and stolen by a hacker. It includes A-listers, notably Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, and D-listers whose names you may not recognize. Many of them only found out they were victims because of media reports naming them, but others — such as Lawrence — found out when social networks exploded with buzz about nude photos being distributed online.

It seems like Teen Wolf co-stars Tyler Posey and Cody Christian may be the latest victims of the ongoing celebrity private photo leaks, if the reports are true. According to Just Jared, a private video of Cody was leaked on the internet a few days ago, and Hollywood Life reports photos of Tyler surfaced not long after. If these reports are true, this is your periodic reminder that it’s NEVER okay to click on private photos that are posted without someone’s consent, and that includes celebrities, too.

How did the hacking happen?
The hacker apparently took advantage of a security flaw in Apple’s online backup service, iCloud. Many online services lock someone out after several unsuccessful attempts to log in, but not Apple’s “Find My iPhone” app and iCloud. That has been changed by Apple in the aftermath of the nude celebrity photo scandal. But with unlimited guesses, a computer program can generate and test thousands of potential passwords until an account is entered. It is called a “brute force” attack.

How can you safeguard against hackers?
Learn from the woes of your role models, the celebrities.
Choose strong, hard-to-guess passwords. Long but easy to remember pass phrases that include numbers are suggested. Have variations for different email accounts, bank accounts and apps. If one is hacked, it does not compromise your entire virtual world.

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