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what does burke ramsey do for a living

I’m intrigued by all the Burke did it comments. So does anyone know where Burke is today and what he does for a living?
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All I know about him is that he has a gf that looks suspiciously like Jonbonet, but that’s my opinion.
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What fascinates me about the Ramsey case is no matter what story you believe there is always a hole: something that would make you disbelief what happened.
In my opinion, the parents knew about what happened in that house. No question. I am a pretty staunch believer that Patsy wrote the ransom note and there was no forced entry. It’s pretty open and shut that the parents should have received sentences.
Where it gets tricky: HOW it happened. I love the Burke scenario because a) little kids have killed b) I could see him being jealous of his sister c) the scene of the crime fits pretty well. The only weird thing was JonBenet had been assaulted and abused, which would be inconsistent with an accidental event. 
So, I believe that Burke snuck downstairs with his sister on Christmas night possibly with a lie or with a holiday house adventure to the basement (we forgot a present! Or hey let’s see if Santa had leftover cookies! Things like that). JonBenet was then enticed with leftover pineapple (which she probably preferred over cookies or wanted a late snack). That’s when Burke led her away and assaulted his sister. Burke, I believe 9 at the time, was a little young for sexual assault; however, seeing his sister as a beauty queen and consistently playing with her and the neighbors kids (forgot their names) could have made Burke incestuous to the idea. The parents heard none of it due to the isolation and/or the size of the house. When JonBenet would not give in, Burke hit her with fatal blows.
It was at this point Burke’s 9 year old mind freaked out and immediately he ran to his parents, informing them what he had done. Like most parents, defense of their child kicked in. By the time the call came in that JonBenet had been abducted, there was PLENTY of time to set up the crime scene. All evidence points to JonBenet being murdered early in the night (1AM approximately) due to the rigor-mortis. Ironically, Burke’s age gave him the perfect alibi: I was fast asleep. The parents struggled throughout the ordeal and acted as liars would: shaky, stories didn’t stick, Patsy started taking loads of sleep meds to stay away from the media.
A scenario like this has given my mind the least amount of inconsistencies and one could piece a situation like this given the crime scene pretty dang well.

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