What does the Year of the Rooster bring? – 2017

What does the Year of the Rooster bring?

Chinese New Year

The most important holiday in the Chinese calendar is the Chinese New Year. This year, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated from Jan. 28 to Feb. 2. Why two weeks and why do the dates fluctuate? The Chinese calendar is based on the ancient Chinese lunar calendar, so the dates ebb and flow with the cycles of the moon. Technically, the new year falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice.

Each day of the two-week New Year celebration has its own traditions and celebrations. For instance, the second day of the holiday is the day when most observers visit family and friends to wish them a happy new year. And it is considered bad luck to clean your home or wash your hair within the first three days of the celebrations as this might wash away your newly acquired good luck.

The Chinese New Year is marked with fireworks, food, parades, celebrations and gifts — particularly the “lucky” red envelopes filled with money and given to children. In fact, the color red is considered so lucky that it’s the primary color of clothing worn during celebration and also the color used to decorate.

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