What happened to charles krauthammer | Krauthammer on how Forgotten Man Trump’s speech will be received overseas – 2017


what happened to charles krauthammer | Krauthammer on how Trump’s speech will be received overseas

0:00Charlie get your thoughts on the speech
0:02and the moment
0:03well I agree with the conclusion that
0:07this was probably the most classically
0:09popular species ever heard from the
0:12it was completely not partisan and it
0:15was an appeal to a constituency that is
0:17utterly mix this is to the middle of the
0:19country i think it will be remembered as
0:22the forgotten man speech which is what
0:25his constituents he was he spoke
0:27directly to it and he said I will fix
0:30things the way he did in his acceptance
0:33speech at the convention
0:35what’s interesting is that he’s
0:36appointed a cabinet that is conservative
0:40in the classic Reaganite way in other
0:43words he’s got a guy for HS who wants to
0:45abolish Obamacare got an EPA the
0:48director who essentially want to
0:50dismantle epa in other words what he’s
0:54nominated people who will do things that
0:56are classically conservative that seemed
0:59to this dead seek to dismantle the
1:02entire Obama legacy and that speak to
1:05the idea that Obama overshot as a man of
1:09the left and created this huge reaction
1:11where the right returns and undoes his
1:15work so there’s this interesting split
1:17the president is not conservative in
1:21another himself he’s more the populace
1:24speaking against an establishment as a
1:26bipartisan establishment but he’s
1:29surrounded by a team and has an agenda
1:32one item after another that is
1:34classically conservative and is going to
1:37undo item-by-item how that we’re
1:40excitedly and no one knows because we
1:42have never had that that I go back to
1:44your question
1:46Brett at the first debate will you ask
1:48any of the candidates would you support
1:51the nominee in other words would you run
1:54as a third-party candidate I think that

1:57after hearing this speech speech we can
1:59conclude that Trump was a third-party
2:03candidate who won under the GOP better

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