What happened to hodgins legs on bones – 2017

what happened to hodgins legs on bones

Jack Stanley Hodgins IV, Ph.D.[3] is a character in the American television series, Bones. He is portrayed by T. J. Thyne. Jack is introduced to the series primarily as an entomologist/forensic entomologist, as well as a botanist/forensic botanist, mineralogist/forensic mineralogist, a palynology/forensic palynologist, and a forensic chemist; conspiracy theories are his hobby. During an investigation, he is primarily responsible for estimating time of death and examining trace evidence and particulates.

TVLINE | The bad news he receives from his doctor at the end of the episode — does that start the slide into darkness?
Yes. He was believing [that he would walk again]… He was hanging on to the fact that he could feel something. And then he finally gets this news and, at the end of the day, he’s a scientist. This is the doctor saying, “No. Those pains aren’t real. You’re lying to yourself. It’s time to accept it more or less.” He wants to hope.


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