What happened to tamron hall on the today show – 2017


what happened to tamron hall on the today show

what happened

say good bye to tamron hall on today😏

Shar JonesShar Jones
NBC’s “The Today Show” is allegedly getting rid of Al Roker and Tamron Hall and replacing

#megynkelly hopes she replaces everyone on the 9 am Today. That hour needs a total makeover and she tops Tamron Hall for sure!

Tanya LandryTanya Landry
@MrDane1982 – There is talk that Tamron Hall and Al Roker are getting bumped from the Today Show for Megan Kelly!!

Joe Remi 🇺🇸Joe Remi 🇺🇸
@john_alvarado_1 @politicsofamy Joy Reid weekends, fills in nights a lot. Tamron Hall, Craig Melvin weekday mornings. Tamron does Today, too

Enid MillerEnid Miller
So NBC is trying to move Megan Kelly to 9am and remove Tamron Hall and Al? Oh hell no. I’m done with Today Show. #TODAYsTake

Valerie g.grandmomValerie g.grandmom
@MSNBC where is Tamron Hall missing her on her show & Today Take

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