What happened to the young guns on texas flip and move – 2017


what happened to the young guns on texas flip and move

Cody & Suzi Slay back on Texas Flip & Move: They are a young creative positive couple who are outstanding & upstanding model citizens who appeal to all age groups bringing their young innovative, artistic new prospective outlooks in the real estate flipping industry. They show and give new ideas that are extremely appealing towards the new upcoming generation as well as bring an energetic and positive flow to the series. Cody & Suzi are brilliant iconic reality stars which I know bring mass ratings but as well their your everyday good ol Texas folks with personalities that make them everyone’s best friends. We do love Casey & Katrina & the Snow’s & Randy, but the Young Guns give that comedic & energetic flair to the series that us as viewers can’t get enough of & the reason everyone’s DVR’S are set for a good old Friday night relax & laugh & learn & be inspired tv series.

Texas Flip and Move is a show featured on DIY Network

Three teams of hard working Texas real estate entrepreneurs compete head-to-head in a fast-paced and thrilling real estate flipping competition. Our flippers are under the gun to buy low, work fast and sell high. But they have one major hurdle to overcome, when they buy a house at auction, they have to move it off the property that day, a task that can be downright dangerous. Once the house is moved to their lot, it’s a race against time to get it renovated and ready for auction. Who will turn the biggest profit? Who will gamble it all and lose big? Who will destroy their house mid-move? And who will get their chops busted by their annoying rivals?

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